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Julie Ann (Killer Yoga)
Teaching you to kill your yoga ego.
Teaching you to kill your yoga ego.


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Returning to your center using #breath   #awareness

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Alternate designs for ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle’ reboot mainstays Splinter and the Turtles reveal slimmer, somewhat meaner directions for the characters.

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Yoga is not stretching.

Yoga is not resisting.

~Norman Allen

#yoga #asana #surrender #NomadYOGI

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Very Interesting Infographic About #Mindfulnessmeditation That I found online this morning. The Graphic was created by +HealthCentral! I Hope Everyone Enjoys!

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“Things turn out best for people who make the best out of the way things turn out.” —John Wooden #happiness

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CHAKRAS... (page7)


Is located in the middle of the brows, a little above on forehead, generally referred to as third eye. This chakra relates to brain and mind. Intellectual abilities, ability to see all at macro and micro levels. All delusions melt away, when this chakra is awakened. Spiritual insights develop and one remains connected within. A balanced life in Absolute is perceived here. We become more aware and subtle in dealing with outside forces.
Aura becomes radiant, and visible here. Vibrations are felt and transmuted. The whole environment is purified. World now approaches you in new light. Wisdom is par excellence.

To awaken this chakra, we must be well aware of the energies of lower chakras and balance them well. Energy of this chakra is high and cannot be manifested ordinarily. It's an experience through life and death, though there's no age bar.
Those who awaken this chakra become enlightened souls.

The SHAPE of this chakra is similar to EYE.

The CHAKRA is represented by TWO-PETALLED LOTUS.

It is associated with COLOR, INDIGO.

NO ELEMENT is associated with this chakra.
It's the element of light.

MANTRA to balance forces here is AUM (om).

GEMSTONES associated with this chakra AMETHYST, AZURITE, SAPPHIRE, to name a few.
Holding them closer to oneself and concentrating on the chakra, helps balance energies here.

YOGASANAS for this chakra are..
Nethra vyayamam(eye exercises)

In MEDITATION process,
Sit comfortable, relax, loosen yourself, breathe, close your eyes, be silent and still.
Now concentrate on this chakra within, as an eye with two petals of lotus and a subtle translucent Indigo light filtering through it and filling up all the whole of you, and subtly reflecting through you. Visualize this regularly. And chant the mantra Om, along, to resonate completely, within. The body starts liberating into lightness here.

The regular practice of one or more above processes, simultaneously, or separately helps awaken positive energies in this chakra.

Blessings and peace

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Cool perspective on vinyasa and what is important in performance yoga!
Learn about the principles of Vinyasa in this informative new video by +Fightmaster Yoga.

#Vinyasa      #Yoga   #YogaInstruction   #DigitalYoga  

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"Everything changes." Suzuki Roshi
"Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed." ~ Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier
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