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Who else is excited about this?
Almost two years ago, Iconic published their final interview (with John Marvin). We have an exciting announcement. This month, J-M, Nick, and Mark are headed back into the studio to begin recording Season Two of Iconic!

The stars have aligned, schedules have cleared, and there is a ton of new 13th Age products.

Starting in April, expect new episodes of Iconic goodness twice a month! We have great guests lined up, a solid schedule of episodes and reviews, and are looking forward to getting back into the show.

We look forward to hearing from all of you on show topics, interests, and gaming in general.

In tonight's session of the Devils Spine, I threw some bait to my players in the form of a weird discovery while they traveled. They swallowed it hook and all, and while they may have (unknowingly) caused irreparable damage to the time-traveling vehicle, I had a player become nearly as panicked OOC as his character was IC. I love it when that fourth wall gets broken!

I corrected a player recently on what 'Bash' (T1 Jack Trick) entailed, and we very quickly discovered that the text in his PDF was different from the text in my Corebook. I ended up letting him play it as he was expecting to, but it got me wondering, which version would you use, and are there any other print/pdf discrepancies? (incidentally, the Glaive version of Bash is the same in both products)

Your attack deals 1 less point of damage, but dazes your target for one round.

You inflict 1 additional point of damage except when using the lightest of weapons.

How often do your players take advantage of the Healing rules (as outlined on p103) to replenish their pools in addition to their recovery rolls? Or are they even aware of it?

Picked up the FreeRPGDay Numenera adventure last night that I'll be running at my LGS in a couple weeks. Surprise, surprise, it's the complete Season 2 of the Cypher OP! While I'm happy to see it done up in color and with art, I'm going to need to modify it heavily to be able to run it all in one session.

The good news is that it might be a good advertisement for future Cypher OP players!

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We're in the final days - these would be a handy tool for a variety of things (not just for RPGs)
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Read through Season 3 over the weekend. I think it has a great, engaging storyline with enough hooks that a campaign could easily be launched from it. Has a good Numenera feel to it in that the area the story takes place was originally designed for one function and the residents have adapted to use it in a different way. The PCs explore the ruins, learn of its original design, unleash ancient creatures, and attempt to stop a monstrous infestation from break free from its bounds.

There are some creatures that are (apparently) new to this adventure, though many others come from either Bestiary. I also have been unable to find anything on the location, but it's pretty engaging.

A couple of critiques would be that the Big Bad Monster they fight in Session 5 is a level 9 creature that would probably wipe out PCs if they go head to head with it. But there's enough flexibility in the storyline to inject some helpful GMIs or NPCs to help with it. Also, the ending was a bit lackluster IMO, especially if you weren't going to continue the story in future sessions. This season also has a number of involved NPCs, so the games will have a fair amount of variance from store to store as the different GMs portray them differently.

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Now that we're anticipating Season 3, I'm curious......what're the 'rules' about running past Seasons outside of a FLGS? Up to this point, the rule has been they're only to be run in a store, but does that hold true for past Seasons?

Ran Session 1 of Season 2 last night. It was the first time any of the three players had been exposed to Numenera, and they had a blast!

They thought pretty far outside the box in dealing with the Raiders, and rolling some 19s at key points certainly helped them in that regard. They were (understandably) a bit frustrated though at their inability to do any damage to the Raiders. Between the Raiders having Level 6 defense, an Armor rating of 3, and the only weapons wielded by the PCs being Light, they either missed the attack or all the damage was absorbed by the armor.

In the end, a couple of GM Intrusions brought down the airship and they escaped in the barrels. I'm hoping they'll return for Session 2. :D
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