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Anyone tried to install the Plex Media Server on openSUSE? How did you do it? I've tried installing the rpm package they have, but it doesn't seem to do anything.
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I figured it out. You can install it from the RPM package and it works. The trick is pointing your browser at the right URL and port to configure it. Once I added categories and let it scan everything, it was good to go. Viewing my movies on my Roku 3 is a snap.
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Dec 2014 - Took the SRX in for a recall. They found nothing wrong with it. I was in and out in less than an hour. Nice job! Oct 2014 - Got a nail in one of my tires on my SRX while I was on a trip. Computer said it was the right front, so I tried adding some air, and more air, and some more air, to get the warning to stop. Noticed the computer reporting the air pressure was now way high in the right rear. Then I realized the Service Dept. forgot to reprogram the sensors when the tires were rotated. They were backwards. The nail was in the right rear tire, so that was where the air needed to go. When I got home I took it in to get the tire repaired and the computer updated to the correct sensor positions. They did a good job on it. New quick service area looks really nice too.
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