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Tips, tricks, hacks, tutorials, downloads and much more!
Tips, tricks, hacks, tutorials, downloads and much more!

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Super Mario Run Android Download just started! Grab your authentication code, paste it in the special input and download the Super_Mario_Run.apk!
Authentication code allows you to get an unlimited number of Super Mario Run game updates (on Android of course).

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We guess a lot of people will Google for Super Mario Run Android Download. What if we would tell you that it's possible to download and play it, but with a little spin? You will know everything after the official release, but as for now, we've prepared an article on our blog, in which we answer the most popular questions about Super Mario Run for Android!

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Super Mario Run Hack - a lot of people will search in Google for it after the official release. We strongly don't recommend to use them, but if you really want to - please be clever. Most of the hacks available in Google search results are fake and in the article we've posted today we're going to give you proofs of that. Please share this post with others, so they won't download any viruses or pay money for the fake hack.
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Here comes the new post on our Super Mario Run Fan Page! What you can find there? Well, we shortly described every Super Mario Series game from the beginning. You can know what was the path of Mario to the Super Mario Run. Which power-ups has been added and when 3D appeared for the first time in Super Mario series? We'll answer all of those questions in our post. We've also posted a short text and image sneak-peak of Super Mario Run Android Download! It will be available from 15. December 2016! Stay tuned!

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12/15/2016 is the date of official Super Mario Run release. Join this event and download the most recognized game on your device!

By the way, I would like to recommend you the fastest growing Super Mario Run Fan Page. What would you find there?
- Level Walkthroughs (Video + Images)
- Super Mario Run Downloads (we will post a trick on how to download Super Mario Run for Android!)
- Hidden items in levels (with images/videos)
- Hacks (legally of course :) )
- Tips & Tricks on how to earn more coins or win with your friends on Toad Rally
- And much more!
I hope we will see on the other side! :)

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