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Jacinta Noonan
The No Nonsense Approach to being Fabulous
The No Nonsense Approach to being Fabulous


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To all my aspiring writing buddies out there, I found this fun and interesting.
Wonder what I sound like scribbling new song ideas into my journal at 4am? It's something like - actually exactly like - this! 

Find more little seeds of inspiration that are blossoming into my new song 🌸 "Bloom" 🌸 in this interactive, insider-look, sneak peek at my writing process and how a new song comes to life: 

It's super fun and really different than anything you've seen from me - or anyone - before!

XO, Daria

Ps. If you're wondering how I did this... I got this crazy pen that records whatever it hears while it's writing. So going back and looking at ideas I've come up with is like a magic transporter bringing me back to very moment the inspiration hit me. This is actually a video of the lyrics happening in real time but if you want to play them yourself - like touch the word and watch it write - then click here: So wild. So #ThrowbackThursday .

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Why is losing weight so hard? 

Losing weight isn’t the hard part. What I find hard is engaging in the right behaviors that help me maintain a healthy weight on a consistent basis. I can eat well for about three days, then I start to trick myself by saying, “Just one won’t hurt”. And within a day or two, I will have slipped back to all the bad habits that made me put the weight on in the first place. The focus needs to be, not on losing weight, but on developing good habits.

What is one good habit you could start today and stick to for the coming week?
This week every time I have something to eat I am going to sit down and be mindful of eating. No eating on the run, no eating while stressed, no eating while watching TV.

I love my new time app: it's called Jiffy....
perfect for me, it's visually attractive but simple. And it is helping me, not only see exactly what time I spend on client work, but even more so, it's showing me how I use the rest of my work hours.... wonderful, love it!

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Once again a perfect article with useful, doable tips.

Hi ya. Have fallen in love withte app. Question.... I just started using it. Have 3 projectsbut I now have to pay if I want to add more. I read yr site but I want to understand yr pricing model before I pay. Can you let me know please. Thanks

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Mine is: I sang to my worst enemy because I was following orders!!
Comment yours!!

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Stephanie Ward's webinar next tuesady will be excellent. I have worked with stephanie and highly recommend her. If you need help growing your business check her out

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Stephanie - thanks for all your valuable information.

Can anyone help with a google + problem. just recently my mobile devices started linking to my location (without my permission) and then giving me only local feeds which i do NOTwant and are not interesting. I was enjoying the What's hot thing very much but it now seems to have disappeared. if i disconnect location finder on phone, i get a message that google cannot send the stream. hope someone can explain this to me so i can get back to what i loved about google +. thanks jacinta
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