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Make Mississippi Read!
Make Mississippi Read!

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Secret Garden (copy)
I grew up in
a neighborhood of all boys. My cousin, Sheila, lived three blocks north and my
friend from school was one block south, but she only wanted to play indoors. Ferrell,
my older brother, sometimes allowed me to tag along. But, more often than not,

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The Last Season (copy)
T he prologue begins, “It was the first Ole Miss game that
season in Jackson, and I’d been looking forward to it all summer.” Stuart
Stevens was 10-years-old when he memorized the Rebel football roster. The list
was taped to the wall above his bed where he ...

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A House Divided
M onday night
was host to the game of a lifetime in the Moran house. The SEC championship between
Clemson and Alabama put Pete and me at opposite goal posts. I was proud of
Clemson for the undefeated season, but Pete was over the moon. He graduated
from Cle...

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Resolve to Read, Mississippi
A little
over ten years ago, I started writing book talks for The Southern Reporter , a local newspaper based in Sardis, MS. I had
graduated from the University of Alabama in 2005 with a masters in library
science and really wanted to incite people to read....

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The Wright Brothers (copy)
“ T he problem of flight” was the phrase used often by
the Wright brothers. While others were out trying to solve it, the brothers
thought about it. All family members were involved in the thought process, too.
Baby sister, Katharine, complained that “the p...

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The Boys in the Boat (copy)
I t was lost or so it seemed. The 1939 Olympic gold
medal for winning the eight-oared rowing competition was placed somewhere in
the house for safe keeping. The one who hid it also forgot where, and after
looking all over the family gave it up for lost. Yea...

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Monument Road (copy)
L eonard Self made a promise and today he must honor
it. His lovely wife, Inetta, died on this date one year ago and before passing
she made him promise he would carry out her request. She asks that he take her
ashes and toss them over the side of Artists P...

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Dead Wake (copy)
M ay 7, 2015, marks the 100 th anniversary of
the tragic sinking of the Lusitania off the coast of Ireland by a German
submarine’s torpedo. Eric Larson has written, Dead Wake: The Last Crossing of
the Lusitania , that revisits the tragedy that pulled us int...

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The Buried Giant (copy)
A xl and Beatrice are being denied a simple flame to
keep them comfortable at night. They live in a mud cave of many chambers on the
side of a hill amongst their small Briton community. Described as looking
similar to a rabbit warren, the elderly couple hav...
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