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Jonathan Kelly
I lover of art and science and finding ways of combining them to make cool things. I also consider myself a foodie.
I lover of art and science and finding ways of combining them to make cool things. I also consider myself a foodie.

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Loving the new +Google+ layout!

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Creating a tiltshif effect with the -webkit-backdrop-filter
When I first heard about the new CSS filters being added to webkit and Safari (especially the backdrop-filter) I immediately wanted to see if I could create a tilt shift effect. For those that don't know, tilt shift photography is a technique that can simul...

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List of open data sources for New Jersey
Click below to jump to topic APIs ///  Budget and Spending ///  Business and Finance ///  Campaign Finance ///  Census and Demographics ///  Crime and Corrections ///  City Open Data Repositories ///  Education ///  Elections ///  Disaster Relief ///  Envir...

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Web specifications don't have to be scary. There are quite of few that make for interesting and informative reads. #webdevelopment   #w3c  

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W3C specs that won't melt your brain
Let's face it, some of the W3C specs produced by the different working groups weren't meant to be read by the average developer or web designer. You'd be better off watching a flower bloom than wrapping your head around the various concepts that are present...

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The Boulder Workout
Strength is not just about muscle size. It depends on muscle density, the type of muscle fiber you have. The composition of each bundle of muscle and its ability to perform under physical stress. The Boulder workout definitely creates some physical stress to challenge the muscles so you get to feel like a rock.    

Instructions: Repeat each move with no rest in between until the set is done, rest up to 2 minutes and repeat the whole set again 3, 5 or 7 times depending on your fitness level.

What it works: Triceps, chest, deltoids, abs, core, glutes, lower back, obliques, hamstrings, cardiovascular system. 

Make it better:  When performing raised-leg push ups keep your raised leg completely straight at the knee. 

Make it harder: For shoulder taps and thigh taps keep the hand of your supporting arm in direct line with your shoulder to create more of a challenge for your obliques and core. 

Body types this can work for: This is the perfect workout for any body type. 

Perfect for: Anyone looking for a solid strength workout that will benefit core strength and muscle density. 

#darebee   #fitness   #workout  

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