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Paul B Thomas
Revival Preacher - Author.
Revival Preacher - Author.


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If Jesus was God would you still worship the trinity? Discover the God man as the bible reveals it. Raw, truth as is! jesus

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Experience the life changing power of being baptised into the name which is JESUS. Many today are baptised into their denominational church. Jesus commands us to be baptised into his church, that is the church of the people who bear his name. If you have not been baptised into the name, as one who has a revelation of the one true God then please read brother Paul's ebook on Amazon: 9 Reasons Why You Should be Baptised into Jesus name.
Blessings always
Brother Paul

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The Church of God in Christ Invites YOU to their 2018 AIM Convention on July 2-6, 2018 in Indianapolis, Indiana ft Bishop William Murphy, Dr. Judith C. McAllister, Supt. Linwood Dillard, Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr. & MANY More! To Register Visit: For More Info Visit:

My response to a man who asked me to prove my God exists... on G+..
.....Yes, have you heard of Jesus? Man without a father and a being who existed before Abraham. Father in deity, man in his humanity. Never sinned or asked for forgiveness, never lied or hated another. never broke the law yet died for All men who broke his law. Emmanuel I (one) man(man) fuel (God) the god man. My friend your life shall go for hatred to success you shall know the one TRUE God in his name Jesus, and thank you for joining me in intelligent conversation as man to man... blessings.

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What is your Mission.. Here's the blueprint, defined clearly and simply. To be a missionary you don't need a BA but you do need to Believe.. Can you obey Jesus then ... GO!

Just came back from ministry in Dublin Ireland. Thank you Jesus for an amazing opportunity to serve you and the people in the city. God shake Ireland with your Power! Awake it with your presence. Visit it with your person.

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