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I'm curious how else besides dreams can someone know what is in the unconscious mind. 

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Classic Vs. New Google+ (and more)

I keep simplifying some of my posts, and this is the most simplified yet. You have two choices (plus bonus options). Hopefully, some of the G+ Gods will see this.

1. I am ADDICTED to CLASSIC G+, and want to keep it.

2. I am ADDICTED TO the NEW G+ and like it much better.

3. If we went back to the ORIGINAL FLOWING STREAM, I'd be as happy as a lark...

4. I don't care what UI we have, as long as it loads fast!

5. I don't know what a UI is, but I like cake. :-)

For myself, I like multiple columns on my wide screen, and I kinda think the new version looks ridiculous there. I'd like 3-5 wide if possible versus the TWO on the new version. But I will admit one thing: the NEW version LOADS MUCH, much faster for me, so, well, there's that.

Short of returning to the COOL, MASSIVELY FLOWING STREAM of the early days of G+, which version do you prefer?

#googleplus   #uidesign   #ui  
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I'm addicted to new G+!
Wish we had the original flowing stream!
I choose whatever UI is FAST LOADING!
UI? What's that? But I like cake. :-)
I am addicted to CLASSIC G+!
I'm addicted to new G+!
Wish we had the original flowing stream!
I choose whatever UI is FAST LOADING!
UI? What's that? But I like cake. :-)

I really like the classic google plus better... I hope it does't go away.

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Barely 60 seconds into this video and suddenly there's a hot girl with a pushup bra and an acoustic guitar singing Bon Jovi!!! I don't know much about science of flat earth, but this video sold me! LOL

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Puppy(1 yr old) on day 2 after spay surgery wants to play again.

Wow! Using #restasis for me red irritated eyes that might be ocular rosacea. Anyway, it feels a lot better after the first drop. If anyone else has used this, please comment below.

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This blog post has an interesting list of self-help books. I've only read 3 of them. Anyone else read a book on this list?

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I have an android phone but keep getting this ad. I'd like to figure out which app is pushing me this ad. Anyone know a trick to find the app pushing these ads?

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Hey guys, I honestly love & use this app! It's really great at closing apps that run in the background. Does Android keep apps running in the background after they are not shown on the screen? The jury is still out on this topic, but until the ruling comes through that Android is not leaving apps infinetely running in the backgrojnd, THIS is the app I'm using to close background apps.

ShutApp is a great battery-saving app! You'll love it. Open this link via the Google Play store App to check it out:
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