What does the App do?
In short, it listens for Notifications from Apps you've chosen, then sends them to your Wear 2.0 device to be displayed within anyways 2.0-enabled Watch Face as a "Data Provider" / "Complication".

What's the difference between the free & paid version?
The free version supports display:
> App icons
> Notification counts
> from the 5 pre-selected Apps

The paid version supports display:
> App icons
> Notification counts
> Notification content
> from the any App
> all upcoming features

So you’ve downloaded ”Wearable Notifications” on your phone & watch, but now what?
How do you actually set up a Watch Face so that you can use ”Wearable Notifications” within a Watch Face’s Complication?
It can vary greatly based on Watch Face, but we've detailed how to set it up on the "Featured" Watch Faces.

Why do I need a phone & Wear App?
It makes use of the phone's Listener Service.
Still investigating if a Listener Service can even be used directly from a Wear device (in stand-alone).

Doesn't Android Wear come with a similar one?
Yes, sort of
There's one built-in located within "Android Wear-> Unread Counts", however it functions very differently:
> only displays a generic "Bell" icons
> Notifications must be received on the phone
> the icon is persistent - so even when there's no Notifications it remains as a "placeholder"

I see a Notification on my phone but it's not on my watch
I've cleared all Notifications on my phone but I'm still seeing some on my watch
1) launching the "Android Wear" phone App to make sure it's still connected"
2) launching the "Wearable Notifications" phone App to make sure the App has is already included to be monitored (must have been added before the Notification was received)
3) directly on the watch, switch to another Watch Face then switch back - Doze might have put the Watch Face to sleep needing to manually refresh it by switching to another then back to it
4) If that fails reboot your watch then wait a few minutes for the connection to be re-established

I've unlocked the IAP but I'm not seeing the Notification Content
Support for the Notification Content (referred to as "Long Text") varies from Watch Face to Watch Face & many choose to simply not support it because it doesn't fit with their design. In these cases, there's nothing I can do - "Wearable Notifications" simply Provides the Data it's up to the Watch Face developer to decide what to then do with / how to display the it. I'd recommend asking the Dev of a Watch Face you like to kindly add support for "Long Text".

Why do I only see 1 icon at a time?
Currently it displays the App with the newest Notification & updates as they're are received & dismissed.
There's a plan to combine them to display a combined number count based on total Notifications & displaying a "generic" icon, in a future update.


More questions are answered here-> https://plus.google.com/u/3/communities/105617010943699124240/stream/68c53a62-a0b8-4523-8f31-d59fb62136a6

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask us.
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