Golf Course Flooding Update
Salt Creek went above flood stage at approximately 6 pm on Monday.  As a result, the golf course had flood water on eight of the front nine holes and the driving range.  Salt Creek went back into its banks at Noon on Tuesday.  The Village was able to begin pumping operations at 12:10 pm on Tuesday on hole #5. Unfortunately, we could not start pumping operations on the practice range until the channel was clear which occurred at about approximately 9:00 pm on Tuesday.  We are lucky temperatures have been mild yesterday and today.  So far there does not appear to be any issues with the turf.  Holes #6 and #9 currently have water along with the driving range.
Now that we have seen the capability of the pumps,  we will continue to review this event to improve for the next flooding event. We anticipate the range should be clear later today. While this event is not over, we probably took a 36 hour pumping operation and have reduced it to about 28 hours. We need to work towards reducing the time to under 24 hours. Which we think is possible.
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