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these are dark times....

so ill I feel like I'm on a constant roller coaster! nothing more than constant sickness, dizziness, headaches, stomach pains - and to top it all off I can't seem to sleep. no matter how hard I try. thanks then! 

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I totally want this! I won't use it. it's just mainly for decoration. this Apple Toilet is still better than Samsung's SHITty attempt at cell phones. ha!

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got to love Airport Logic.

need some more apps for social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+

I get bored easily of using the same apps all the time. I need choices and variety. I want a new phone. lol 

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I want to move abroad, anyone wanna marry me so I can get a green card!? lol

work today, looking forward to finishing - come home and finally jailbreak my iPhone 5 and iPad Mini. yeah bitches.

Google+ is my most precious app as it updates me when some apps are free (for a limited time) in the Apple App Store and it informs when a new jailbreak is available. yay. #TimeIsNear 

my next door neighbours seriously need to shut up. arguing from 8am - it's now 7:22pm
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