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I build software for Google
I build software for Google


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#io16  attendees, the Nearby team has something new to share tomorrow. Looking forward to being in proximity with developers interested in proximity :-) 5-6pm Stage 1

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A colleague is exploring the question of if technology can de-stress us.

If you think there's an idea there worth chasing, fund Mina and she's going to chase it.

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Nearby SDK, API documentation, GitHub samples are up!

Use Nearby.Messages to add cross-platform proximity to your Android and iOS apps. Works up to 100 feet (or restrict it to just 5 feet using "earshot" distance). Works even if users have Bluetooth off. No new manifest permissions and back-ported all the way to Gingerbread.

We're excited to help developers build copresence into their apps. If you own an app iTunes or the Play Store, try it out and let us know how it works for you!

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+Russell Ivanovic+Andy Ihnatko and +Yasmine Evjen hosted us on the Material podcast where we talked about the history and technology behind this new proximity API. Have a listen at

Thanks, all for hosting us!
Huge thanks to +Andrew Bunner and +Akshay Kannan for being on this weeks episode of Material. We had a blast digging into Google Nearby. Grab it in Pocket Casts ( or in the player of your choosing(

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We're excited to officially launch Nearby: a new proximity API for iOS and Android. Devices--even older devices as far back as Gingerbread and the iPhone 4--can now find and talk to each other. We believe this will unlock new types of interactions and turn interactions that used to be cumbersome, into single-touch transactions.

It's the same technology we used to build Chromecast Guest Mode, but we're making it available to all developers.

The API is part of Google Play Services on Android and a CocoaPod on iOS. Developers will find familiar publish-subscribe functionality--that relies on copresence. The API is free, unauthenticated, and flexible--allowing developers to control the user experience of their proximity feature.

We hope you like it and we're excited to see how developers can innovate with it!

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If their school has it, encourage your kids to take AP Computer Science in high-school!

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Good first step to handle what looks like a bad behavior internally.

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+Cover getting some good press

"My personal favorites so far are products which can only be built on Android: Cover and Aviate. Cover, as many of you already know, is a lockscreen app which leverages sensor data from the handset and predicts which apps users may want at specific times. It’s surprisingly good at presenting me with the app I want to use at a given time."

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Cogent debunking of the myths about foreign aid costs, efficacy and the long-term prospects for today's poor countries.

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