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Thom Zehrfeld

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It's spring and flowers and plants are in bloom. More pics on my blog:
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+JITA Sagitarius
Thank you, Jita!
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Thom Zehrfeld

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The tulips are in full bloom at the "Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival" in Woodburn, Oregon! Acres and acres of beautiful tulips. Seen here on a overcast...sort of foggy day. More pics on my blog:
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Thom Zehrfeld

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More on my visit to Jacksonville, strip malls, fast food joints...what is there to do? Maybe wonder around and find a 1951 Studebaker just parked on the street. A log cabin a couple blocks off of Main Street.  A buggy parked in somebody's driveway. More on my blog:
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Wait... Studebaker!
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Thom Zehrfeld

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More photos of Jacksonville, Oregon. A quaint town that hasn't been super-sized into oblivion. These folks have something going for them!
See my accompanying blog post:
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You are welcome my friend ! All pictures are very nice :))
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Thom Zehrfeld

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Ashland, Oregon is in the extreme part of Southern Oregon. It is home to the "Oregon Shakespheare Festival" that runs every year from February through October. But, there is more to the town than Shakespheare...there is the town architecture, art, restaurants and shops. More pics and info on my blog:
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+william munar
Thank you!
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Thom Zehrfeld

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It's spring and the tulips are in bloom...along with a lot of other flowers and plants. More pics on my blog:
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Thom Zehrfeld

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The tulips are in full bloom at the "Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival" in Woodburn, Oregon! Acres and acres of beautiful tulips. Seen here on a overcast...sort of foggy day. More pics on my blog:
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Thank you +Estelle Fromm..(Estelle)...I appreciate it very much!
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Thom Zehrfeld

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The NEW Pixativity Pro/Amateur Photographer's Circle | MAY 2014 | READ THE WHOLE POST BEFORE ASKING FOR INCLUSION

The first two PAC's (March & April 2014) were great successes and I want to thank everybody who participated in it! Like my old APC Circles, this new MAY PAC will be another great way to enhance your feed! I will check EVERY SINGLE feed and guarantee that your stream will flood from quality images when you add this circle when released.

Please note that I have reset (deleted) the April Circle and the show begins from scratch again. That way I can assure you that the circle is filled with FRESH content and COOL new photographers every month! :)

How To Qualify To Future PAC Circles

If you're a professional or an amateur photographer mainly sharing your own original work in your feed, then you're eligible to ask for inclusion in the May PAC.

The difference between this circle and the old APC is that I now will be giving away FREE accounts to the Pixativity Photographer's Directory every time I share this circle. I will pick three photographer's from the circle and add them to the directory while I compile the circle (you will be notified). 

(For those of you not remembering the APC, it's one of my most shared and popular circles since I started here on Google+ a couple of years ago. Many participants have received thousands of new followers and some of the people I helped promote in the APC now boast more followers than I do! I love that! It speaks for the positiveness and quality of this circle. The PAC will be of the same high quality!

The Guidelines

Yes, there are rules and guidelines. :) If you want to participate in the PAC you need to do the following:

1) Plus and comment this post to show that you want to participate (you must do that here on the original post). Please state what kind of photography you're into in your comment. You also may tag friends of yours to help promote them as well. I'll add them too if they meet these guidelines. Tagging friends increases your chances of being added.

2) Reshare this post to help promote your fellow G-plussers. That way YOU will receive more attention once the circle is released. If you do not reshare, I probably won't add you to the circle since this is a joint effort to promote good photographers. YOU deserve to be reshared, right? So does your fellow G-plussers.

The post must be reshared in your personal feed and publicly.

Pages will NOT be accepted into the circle.

3) Please do NOT add external or internal links to albums, websites, blogs etc. in the comments. This post is neither the right place for advertisement nor for spam. Thanks. I will check your feed anyway, be sure of that. :)

4) Premium & Lifetime Members of the Pixativity Photographer's Directory website are automatically included in the circle. Still;members should reshare this post and  let me know that you did so in the comments.

(How to obtain a Premium account to the PPD can be found here:

Please Note

If I do NOT add you to the circle there's always a reason for that. 1) You do not mainly share your own original work in your feed, 2) You are a web marketeer, SEO-specialist etc. or 3) I did not like the mix of your feed (yeah, I know, it's a very subjective thing to create circles like this) or 4) I just missed your comment of some reason – mistakes happen, I am only human.

Another thing: I cannot add everybody in one circle but be assured that I check ALL feeds and you are welcome to ask for inclusion in the next edition of the PAC.

Release Date

The next circle will be released on May 5. Keep an eye open for the up-coming Circle Post.

Now, let's make this May PAC another success story. :) Get on with the resharing.

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Thom Zehrfeld

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Jacksonville is located in the southern part of Oregon. It is a National Historic cool town that is a photographer's dream. Armed with my Pentax and Canon I roamed the streets and had an absolute ball. Had Catfish Gumbo at the Bella Union Restaurant..."What a day!" Bunches of pics on my blog:
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+Rosemarie Nadelen
Wow, Rosemarie! You are going to give me the "Fathead"! Thanks for the kind comment!
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Thom Zehrfeld

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 There are many gorgeous homes in Ashland, Oregon. I got out of my car, strapped on my camera and walked around the neighborhoods. You should do the same! See my blog for more pics:
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+william munar
Thank you for your kind comments on my photos, William...I appreciate it very much!
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Photography | Cooking | Oregon Lover

My name is Thom Zehrfeld. I am retired but, very active in photography...mainly seascape and landscape with a passion for High Dynamic Range Photography (HDR).

I live in Newport, Oregon where I am a member of the Yaquina Arts Association and the Yaquina Arts Association Photography Club (Two separate entities). 

My work is on display in the Yaquina Art Association Gallery located at 789 NW Beach Dr, Newport, Oregon 97365.

The YAA is a non-profit organization and members must work in the Gallery on a part-time basis.

Online my photography may be purchased in many different and cost effective formats. For example: Posters, Greeting Cards, Photographic Prints, Art Prints, Framed Prints, Canvas Prints, Metal Prints, Mounted Prints and Matted Prints.

Simply, click on: "View My Portfolio"!

And, Hey! You can always visit me at the Yaquina Art Association Gallery in the Nye Beach District in Newport. The gallery is right on the beach, has a super cool view of the ocean, and has one of the finest displays of art on the Coast...all at very reasonable and affordable prices. 

Also, please checkout my sponsors. I do not put any links on my blog that are not reliable, reputable sources.

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Served in the Marine Corps for almost five proud years!
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First, the food & view was wonderful.....end of the good things. All I could think of while I was in there was "LA Story" starring Steve Martin, " You can only afford to have the chicken"! It's expensive, folks! Once our waitress found out we were not going to have cocktails or appetizers, we were on our own like second class citizens. Valet parking? Wow! Come on! It will be awhile before I go back. It's a rip!
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