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50 States in 50 Weeks: Easy Rider Revisited  is here! Woo hoo! Yes after much writing and rewriting,editing and tweaking, it's available on Smashwords. Simply go to and it should pop up. If it doesn't, go to www....

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Libby Gets a New Tire
I fired up Libby one hot, dark morning (90 plus in Vegas) and saw the 'low tire' light. Riding off anyway, she felt squishy. I stopped and saw a very low back tire. Drat! It's a very new, very low back tire. I parked her and took the truck. That night, I fi...

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My Favorite Highway Sign- And a Rant
On our recent trip to Alaska, I once again saw the signs: 'End Double Penalty Zone' You've seen them, at the end of a construction site. Here's the way I read it: 'Sale! Half Price Speeding Tickets!' It all depends on your perspective. The sign is wrong, so...

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Alaska Pictures VII
Now there's a plow from the days when men were men.  Nancy, I don't need to meet you. I know all about you already! One in every big city.  What do they do with their seaplanes when the lake freezes? Took this pic from the bike... stupider than texting.  If...

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Alaska Pictures VI
I refused to pay.  \ Big landscape makes the bikers look small. My favorite bumper sticker was, "I brake for animals. Then I shoot them, eat them and wear their fur." Mel and a muskox, warming up.  Bikes, water, mountains... doesn't get any better than this...

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Alaska Pictures V
Yeah, a few grass stains...fortunately, Mel wore good gear.  Bridal Veil Falls. Yeah right! No bride, no veils.  An old pickup? Nope. Planter box.  So dang pretty we just had to stop. When you're a desert rat, you appreciate the water. Not the rain, however...

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'50 Stories in 50 States' is Here!
Yes folks, book V is here! '50 Stories in 50 States; Tales Inspired by a Motorcycle Journey Across the USA Book V, The West' is available. And I'm looking to win the 'Longest Book Title' award as well. This book, the last of the series, covers the west, hom...

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Book V of five is out! 50 Stories in 50 States, the West. Now you can find your short story in your own state. Free! Enjoy. 
-Kevin B Parsons, author

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Alaska Pictures IV
Bikes, buddies and beauty. Just a few minutes before Mel's crash.  A road like this is super cool! Unless you overshoot a turn.  The Valdez ER. Look at Mel smile, what a guy. That's before he saw the bill. Valdez is so pretty it gives you a sideache. Stunni...

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Alaska Pictures III
Snowmobiles- er, snow machines. Been around a long time.  Sometimes tacky is cool.  The Christmas House, Christmas all year long. Please shoot me.  Biker trash. And Mel. This was at a burger joint, but not MacDonald's. Upscale gas station. Way better than m...
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