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Jessica Dady
I love cake. Making cake, baking cake and eating cake... Need I say more?
I love cake. Making cake, baking cake and eating cake... Need I say more?

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Carrot loaf cake
This has to be one of the best carrot cakes I've ever made. No joke. It's so light and moist and moreish and I even got asked to make another one straight after it was sampled. It's definitely on my must-make list again for next month. It's super easy, uses...

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Orange butterfly buns with choc buttercream
  Taking a trip down memory lane with these easy peasy butterfly buns. Of course I couldn't just settle for vanilla with jam and buttercream, no. I had to think of something a little different. What better combo than chocolate and orange? Dust with icing su...

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Chocolate and banana tray bake
  I always buy bananas but never end up eating them. They sit in my fruit bowl for weeks until they're brown and squiggy and then I'm interested. Banana loaf, banana cupcakes, banana cookies, you name it. This time I wanted to try something a little differe...

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Lemon and chocolate layer cake
I just couldn't decide whether to make a lemon cake or a chocolate cake so I opted for both instead! The lemon and chocolate combo actually work really well together. I reckon this recipe would work just as well with orange (chocolate orange for Christmas!)...

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Cheese and onion quiche
No, your eyes do not deceive you.
Something savoury has made it onto my blog and that’s a first! As you’ve probably
noticed by now, Jessica’s Sweet Addictions is no longer and I’ve launched my
new blog, Bake me. Eat me . My excuse? Well, I wanted to bake bo...

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Brown sugar cookies
  These cookies are probably not your classic American sugar cookie recipe but they're just too good not to share. Made with dark muscovado sugar these cookies are rich, warming and oozing with chocolate. If you take them out at the 7 minute mark you will h...

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Nutella marble cake
  Ok, so I'm getting a little bit obsessed baking with Nutella now. I know, I know. Nutella is just so easy to bake with though. It's a great replacement for butter in a cake and doesn't burn. It's chocolate and it's nutty - what more could you want? Time t...

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Banana and salted pistachio loaf
So, I've been trying to be 'good' over the past few months and cut down on the baking. I've made a few classics here and there but haven't had the chance to experiment with new flavour combos or develop some of my recipes until now. Meet my latest creation,...

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Chocolate and beetroot tray bake
I've never baked with beetroot before. Firstly, because I don't actually like beetroot and secondly, because it's never on my shopping list. But after having a chocolate and beetroot cake on my 'to make' list for the past few months, I thought it was time t...

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Marble cookies
  I couldn't decide whether to make classic cookies or chocolate ones so I opted for both. They might be double the effort, or should I say arm strength when it comes to mixing the dough, but they are well worth it. This recipe makes about 18 cookies but if...
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