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Victoria Schmidt
nerfherding costumer extraordinaire
nerfherding costumer extraordinaire

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Oh Google+, why am I even trying with you...

It's Comic-Con week!!!!! Thinking about trying to get out of work a day earlier than scheduled so I can work on costumes XD

Another day!

I need to focus on my current job, but not forget to keep looking for a better one....the one I have is great in many ways, but I don't want to be here long-term or I might grow really unhappy :\

Can anyone see what Circles I put people into? or just me?

Google+ make me think of kids waiting outside the pool waiting for someone to be the first to jump in so they can all jump in too...

It's hard enough for me to keep up with Facebook. How am I supposed to find the time to make this better and more important than Facebook?

This is where the fun begins...
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