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No I said WB hates Superman and had no hope in Man of Steel
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You know what is going to be one of the BIGGEST downfalls in this movie? It is that the titular character is now a secondary character. But hey lets not stop there....-__-. Lets add more characters, make him a tertiary or Quaternary  character. When this movie comes out the majority of the audience won't be watching for Superman, sad to say. Hey, I won't be watching ti for him either. But it's gonna be okay since the title of movie will presumably contain his name.


+Isaiah Mullins +Charles Weeden +Matt Moore +Todd Grundle 
Jason Momoa has been linked to Batman vs. Superman since late last year. Since then, Momoa has denied having any involvement in Zack Snyder's Man of Steel
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I've been saying this since day one at comic con. WB had no hope in another Man of Steel film. 
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Tory Rodney

Game of Thrones  - 
Watched my first episode tonight. I wanted nothing more than that King Joffrey to die. Oh well.....Lets just say I really enjoyed this episode
The Ghost of Todd Grundle (Giovanni Russano)'s profile photo
I like the King. I really want his inbred "son" to die. Prince Opie. I'm only on season 1 episode 3 and I think I can already tell exactly where this show is going... not sure that's a good thing. 
This shouldn't be a spoiler because I don't actually know but... I'm 95% positive that Lannister(Too lazy to google spelling) whore, her buttfucking brother and her inbred son are going to kill the king and that Jerkoff Opie Troll will become king in his place and that's where a bulk of this shows drama will come from. I think her other brother, the Imp, is going to be one of the heroes of the show when he turns against his family for what is right. Oh and the little girl from the north will probably grow to be some kind of rebel leader to take down the throne but... I may be getting too far ahead of myself here. 
Please don't tell me if I am right or wrong, I'll finish the series and be up to date before the next discussion. 
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Tory Rodney

Misc. TV Shows  - 
Hey +Isaiah Mullins .
You know how some Anime's are known for filler.
I think "Black Sails" is the first live-action to successfully pull this of
"Black Sails: Seas of Filler"
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Ha ha ha! So true my brother. 
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Tory Rodney

Shared publicly  - 
Gordz originally shared:
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Tory Rodney

General Geekery  - 
I'm BACK +Matt Moore +Isaiah Mullins +Charles Weeden. What are we up to?
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Did someone say Zack Snyder?
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Yes, I am not afraid to say it, THE BEST X-MEN MOVIE EVER. Better than MOS, The Avengers and Captain America: TWS.

+Matt Moore 
+Charles Weeden 
+Todd Grundle 
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+Tory Rodney, calm down and breathe. 
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But seriously, who didn't see this coming?
+Charles Weeden +Isaiah Mullins +Todd Grundle +Matt Moore 
Warner Bros. president of worldwide production Greg Silverman just confirmed to The Wall Street Journal that the studio has set plans to make a Justice Lea
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I'm sure it was Satire +Tory Rodney, but having never read the book, I still thought it was amazing. If I had read the book, I'm sure my opinion of the film would be quite different.
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Statistically speaking, if an unreleased picture initially receives ratings this low (a proclaimed summer blockbuster), it's only bound to get lower gradually. My predictions and from watching soooooo  much trailers, the movie focuses more on action and has a bland story. Uhhh, the side effects of having a higher budget.
+Isaiah Mullins +Charles Weeden +Matt Moore 
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I already saw the film and I didn't hate it. I was just saying meh a lot. 
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I've never really done this before but I learned from +Isaiah Mullins 


Does the new trailer display another action overkill? ITHINK NOT.The trailer is pretty self-explanatory. Four years after the events what took place in part 3 of the series, the transformers have been outcast-ed  by the government and the rest of the world. The part was pretty obvious. Chicago has become the new ground zero.

Now as for the other part where earth is invaded (yet again _), I honestly don't know. But you can now see that Michael Bay has learned from his mistakes committed in the sequels. The story seems to more modern and down to earth and somewhat relatable (And no it is not a Man of Steel attempt).

We must remember that Michael Bay does have some good films (Bad Boys, The Rock, The Island (my favorite), Transformers (Part one).Unlike the other Transformers films which were two years apart this film is three years apart from the previous film. So with three years apart I believe there was more story brought in than action.

(unless this movie totally blows and that awesome trailer lied to us, something like a certain comic book movie Movie reboot last year. No names called, but a true geek would catch on)

I rate this trailer an: OH YEAH

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I haven't watched the new trailer yet, but it cannot be worse than the Transformers sequels. 
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