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Ashley Mitchell
I"m Ashley and I love to EAT!
I"m Ashley and I love to EAT!

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Lets Confess
Let me just give you a glimpse into what is floating through this brain as I approach a little getaway with my man friend.... My brain is no good when I am under 24 hours away from a vacation. They might as well send me home because I am doing little to no ...

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Growing Pains
It seems like every time I hop on Facebook or twitter or buzzfeed or one of the other million and a half websites I troll daily I see some post about "What I learned in my 20's" or "Things I gave up in my 30's" or "How my friendships changed after college"....

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I have a hangover
But not the kind you think. The wedding is over. And now I am beside myself... What does one do now that they are done spending a year of their life planning an epic day? Just like that in a blink of an eye my duties as maid of honor are done... And I have ...

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The one named Avrey
Dear Avrey, What does one tell a little girl who believes she already has all the answers? That seems to have always been a challenge with you. Right from the start you have been so sure of yourself, of your wants and desires that there is truly no convinci...

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Do you really know me?
So a long long long time ago there was this huge trend going around the blogs. It was a post called "if you really knew me" and then everyone did it about their husbands, dogs, babies, best friends mothers etc. I had my share in the trend here, and here. Is...
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