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Writer, phoographer, coffee addict
Writer, phoographer, coffee addict
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4 (Or 5?) Must See Animated Features
So over the weekend, David Gerrold (The guy who wrote
"The Trouble with Tribbles) shared his list of "Essential Animated
Films." You can (Hopefully) see that over on his Facebook page... assuming he hasn't changed his privacy settings again. I thought he ha...

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Top 5: Modern SF/F Magazines
I've often spoken and written about how short fiction is the
life blood of sci-fi and fantasy. I grow more convinced of this all the time.
Almost every great, well-known SF/F author has a massive backlog of short
stories that you could peruse. Hell, some of...

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On "Arrival," Sapir-Whorf, and "Bad Science"
So, let's just get this one out of the way: there are
probably spoilers in here for Arrival .
So if you haven't seen it and you're planning on it, you've been properly
warned. Now that's done, let's get right into it – Dumbledore dies
at the end. I know, I ...

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5 Quintessential Short Stories
Well, it's still snowing and still cold. If I keep mentioning that, and then I die in the snowpocalypse, this will… well, all the mentions of the weather will probably make this actually horribly dull to read, in the end. So let's get past that. You may hav...

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Review: The Long List Volume 2
So, if you've been hanging around for a bit, you might have
noticed the odd review float by, and you might have noticed that I settled on a
format: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. Highly original? Of course not, but it
works. Then what's this? Well, it's a...

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Happy New Year 2017
New Year, New Me… Okay, I hate myself a little, even if I did type it entirely
for the purpose of this joke. Feel free to stone me for that. Seriously. This isn't going to be a big post, I just wanted to
sincerely offer all of you my wishes for a happy 2017...

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2016 Wrap-Up
So Cat Rambo—current President of SFWA and an absolutely
amazing human being. Seriously, if you haven't gotten the chance to spend some
time with her, even in passing, do it—posted on Facebook, encouraging authors
to collect up everything they had that coul...

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Shameful Author Secrets: Hidden Books
I'm going to spill one of those dirty, dirty little
authorial secrets to you all. This could get me killed, so if I disappear…
well, I hope it was all worth it. Okay, it's not that big of a deal, per se, but it is
something that authors maybe don't talk abo...

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Ten Gifts Your Author Friend will Actually Appreciate
So last year I wrote a post about Post
Holiday Gifts for Authors . Partially because after the holidays, people
have gift cards to run through and partially because… I forgot to do anything
with it before that. Not this year. I’m here with another collectio...

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Christmas Withdrawals
Yes, run for the hills right now if you so choose. I’m
listening to Jingle Bell Rock as I
write this… oh, it’s switching. Hold on. Dean Martin’s version of Winter Wonderland , now (I love Pandora.
Have I mentioned that before? Because I do. I really, really...
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