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Daz “Shadow” Onyx
Gay furry, out for fun
Gay furry, out for fun

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NAME- Daz Onyx
AGE- 25+
ORIENTATION- Gay (possibly Bi-curious)
LIKES/DISLIKES- I'm usually game to try anything at least once...So if I say "No!" That means I already know I don't like it...and I'm a legend in combat RP, so you might want to listen when I say no...just a thought.
RP- Slut, whore, dick-a-holic, sex-a-holic
IRL- Writer, Voice Actor, Student of Psychology.
If you are looking for something in specific to get you going, let me know...I'm a writer and a fanatic of psychology...I can always figure something out. If you don't express what you'll get what I want or what I think your expressing you want. Best communicate...just an idea.

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Click the link and read it. Read all of it.

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The only way to stop illegal gun users or violent crime is to put a gun in the hands of every capable person. In places where guns have been removed, violent crime has guns involved, but they didn't need them. In places where guns where in almost every home, violent crime dipped to a single digit of a percent. Numbers don't lie. Politicians do. Gun laws are a good way to make sure that those that are not capable of safely having a gun, don't...not a way to stop illegal gun purchases. They will always happen. Don't cripple the populous by taking away their freedom and their right to protect themselves...enable them to protect their freedoms.

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== Results from ==
87% Submissive
85% Primal (Prey)
79% Pet
79% Vanilla
77% Experimentalist
66% Slave
65% Switch
59% Rope bunny
59% Voyeur
57% Non-monogamist
56% Exhibitionist
54% Brat
51% Girl/Boy
43% Primal (Hunter)
38% Master/Mistress
33% Ageplayer
33% Dominant
27% Owner
27% Rigger
24% Brat tamer
23% Daddy/Mommy
16% Masochist
10% Sadist
4% Degradee
3% Degrader 

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A friend of mine took this test...I decided it would be a good idea to do so as well...

Rules: If nominated, you must answer ALL 33 questions. No lying.

Nominated by +Infrasound The Lost Soul​.

Thanks, buddy. Let's do this!

🔹Single? - Yes, recently.
🔹Crushing? - Definitely!
🔹Favorite food? - The edible kind... (seriously, I'll eat quite a variety)
🔹Favorite color? - When asked this question, I always respond the same... Argyll.
🔹Favorite music? - Hmm... I've gone through phases of favoritism toward almost each and every genre...If have to say... Show Tunes? I think that's what I'm thinking of... Music from stage performances.
🔹Talents? - Singing, writing, organization (events and such like conventions), cuddling.
🔹In love? - With the only man that seems to love me... ME!
🔹Hobbies? - Tabletop Gaming, Novel Writing, finding a mate.
🔹Long/Short hair? - Long... Just past my shoulder now.
🔹Height? - About 5'8"
🔹Jacket/Hoodie? - i don't wear either...even in winter. My Celtic blood keeps me warm really well.
🔹Eye color? - My State ID says Hazel...It shifts from light blue to light green.
🔹Hair color? - Brown...very brown. My beard is red though...mixed with brown.
🔹Shirt color? - Often, black. Now, light blue.
🔹Jeans or Shorts? - Usually shorts, like jeans for when I go out , though.
🔹Getting married? - Doesn't seem like it...
🔹Have kids? - No. I'm good with kids though. Maybe I'll adopt later.
🔹Getting divorced? - Already did...not fun.
🔹Ever or still wet the bed? - I had an extremely vivid nightmare about someone close to me dying. Woke up, wet bed, cleaned up...later, my dream came true...every bit. So, ya...of course I was scared enough to piss myself.
🔹Have or ever had depression? - PTSD. Night Terrors. Clinical Depression. I deal with it alright though.
🔹Daydream? - Always dreaming of better days, a love that lasts, finishing my third novel.
🔹Thought of food? - Quite usually.
🔹Someone I love? - You... Yes, you... You know who you are.
🔹Someone I hate? - At times, my step father.
🔹Dream job? - Voice Actor, Writer, Company Owner, Pathfinder Society Venture Captain for Utah...oh wait, I already have all those.
🔹Tattoos? - Nope...too much of a chicken
🔹Piercings? - Nope...too much of a chicken
🔹Worst day of my life? - Homeless on the street in a part of the country where I knew no one in Gang Contested Territory in Dallas, TX with no money and no food...for weeks.
🔹Best day of my life? - The day I found my soul mate...I could easily have pictured me with them for eternity and beyond.
🔹Biggest fear? - Being left alone. No one to be with me for my dark days or share in my triumphs. No one to hold me during my rough times or to cuddle on cold nights.

Tag up to 25 people!

+Katagiri Katsumoto
+Arcana Kage
+Lady Naomi The Eternal Goddess of Darkness
+Lady Kilsha
+Lanx Kotan
+Iron Lightning
+Fire Dragon
+Blake Belladonna​

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Add me on kik. I council and advise on countless topics, but I'm also here for support and depression help.
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