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Car news and user reviews, auto quizzes, fun and comments.
Car news and user reviews, auto quizzes, fun and comments.

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Is it a BMW 1 series ? Is it a Nissan Juke ? No its the Jaguar CX17 concept

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That is weird - keep your eyes on the cross
Fun with Peripherals 

Keep your eyes focused on the cross in the middle. These celebrity faces start to become completely distorted in your peripheral vision! 

This article breaks down why this happens:

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Clarkson article on driving standards around the world. Particularly liked the bit about driving in Rwanda.

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Flipping heck I owned a Marina Coupe in the 80's - dreadful car!

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That dog is facing the wrong way to drive the car

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#F1 Premier has over £6 Billion (USD7.5B)

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Hey I can't believe #Vauxhall has named their new car #Adam - it doesn't end with the letter "a" - such as #Insignia, #Astra, #Meriva, #Corsa, #Agila, #Tigra, #Zafira, #Antara, #Mokka .... you get the idea

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New Alfa 4C- Impressive performance 155mph/0-62mph 4.5s,superb power/weight ration and looks good. That said If I was in the market I'd probably go for a Cayman S

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Drive a real F1 car for 10 miles round a race track. Thats a pretty good day out if you've got the money!

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Hello Guys and Gals, forget all the motoring TV ads and professional PR.

If you’ve experience of owning or driving any car featured on the re-launched you can personally rate it in terms of quality, cost of ownership, performance etc..

Or if you’ve any points that you believe would be useful for our readers please comment.
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