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How Should a Property Management Company Handle Property Inspections?

If you’re paying a property manager to manage your rental property it is very important that you know how they schedule regular inspections. Many owners don’t realize how much damage a bad tenant can cause in a short period of time. There is a tendency to assume that as long as the tenant pays their rent and there are no complaints that everything is going well. Don’t make too many assumptions or take anything for granted. Regularly scheduled inspections will allow you to catch small problems from turning into big problems quickly. It is also an effective way to confirm your tenant is following the rules described in the rental contract and deterring undesirable behavior.

Ask any perspective property management company the following questions on how they inspect the properties that they manage.

How are move in and move out inspections handled?
The need for an inspection before move in and after move out is obvious. Of course, there is a right way to do things. You want to know that the company you choose will be thorough and will take full advantage of modern technology.
Having a tenant complete a move in checklist in an apartment building is standard, but when it comes to a single-family home the manager needs to be more involved. A property manager should go through the entire home and take digital photos to document the state of the property. The property manager also needs to schedule a tenant walk through where they review the premises and sign the inspection report after it is completed.
Upon move out, the manager needs to go back through the property again--preferably with the tenant--and take updated photos. These new photos can be compared with the old to determine if any damage beyond normal wear and tear was done.

What notification do tenants need before an inspection?
Tenants need to be notified of intended entry to the property. The official time of notification varies by state. It usually ranges between 24 and 48 hours. Property management companies should be well-aware of the legal requirements for notification times and should have no problem adhering to those times.

How often should interior inspections be conducted?
Some property management companies are content to conduct an interior inspection between tenants. However as a property owner, you should expect more. Your property manager should inspect the interior of the property at least once a year. Ideally, twice a year. It can seem like an unnecessary intrusion in the lives of the tenants, but it is an unfortunate reality that some tenants can be destructive--and you won't know it unless you go inside the home.
The interior inspection should be based on a checklist, one that includes inspection of the HVAC filters, water heater, electrical system, appliances, smoke detectors and plumbing. The inspection should also include notes of any violations of the lease.

4. How often should exterior inspections be conducted?
Exterior inspections can be as basic as a drive-by or as involved as walking the entire exterior of the property. Since drive-by inspections can be conducted with minimal effort, and no notification to the tenant, it makes sense to conduct them regularly--as often as once a month. Exterior inspections should be conducted at least once every three months.
Even if drive-by inspections are conducted regularly, a more thorough exterior inspection should be conducted at least two to three times a year.

What should an inspection report contain?
Your property manager should write up an inspection report and send it to you after each inspection. Most property managers will have a form that is premade for this purpose, one that they fill in during each inspection. If you want other things inspected besides what is on the standard form, you can request that the item is added to the list. A thorough inspection report will include all the items inspected during each trip to the home. Photos of damage may also be included.

Valley Management Group has been providing trustworthy and affordable property management services in San Jose and Santa Clara County for over 35 years. Their high ratings and online reviews are a testament to their commitment to quality. If you need a San Jose property Management ( company to manage your rental in Santa Clara County contact them at 408 286-4200. Visit their site and ask for a free property management quote and get one free month of property management services.
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How Rental Property Maintenance and Repairs Should be Managed

Preserving and ideally increasing the value of rental properties for owners is one of the primary roles of a property management company. Requests from tenants should be addressed promptly and owners should be provided with an easily accessible system to see how their money was spent. A competent property manager can accomplish this with the assistance of their own staff as well as with using their network of licensed vendors they have qualified as providing cost effective service. Prompt attention to repairs and proactive maintenance will keep the property value up and increase the likelihood of long-term renters.

Below is a list of typical maintenance and repair items you should talk with a property manager about before you decide to hire them to manage your rental property.

Proactive maintenance of your property to maintain value

The best way for repairs to be kept to a minimum is to keep things well maintained. From outdoor sprinklers to bathroom fixtures and appliances, regular maintenance checks should be done on the entire property. This takes time but will help your property retain its value and will help prevent small problems from becoming big expensive problems.

Don’t let your property become out-dated

Successful real estate investors know that you have to engage in sustainable practices to enhance property value. You don’t want to follow short-term practices that may delay and multiply costs. Repairs don't have to be done at once. Make a plan to update such things as appliances and carpet in stages when they are nearing the end of their useful life.

Keep up the curb appeal

Your tenants will appreciate driving up to their home when they see the outside is well kept with routine yard services. It gives them the incentive to keep it looking nice.

Ensure property maintenance and repairs are promptly done

Tenants don’t need (or want) to be micro-managed. However, they should know someone can be easily contacted when any maintenance or repair item needs to be addressed. This makes them more accountable for how they treat your property. The last thing you want is an answering machine or someone saying you will have to wait until Monday to get your tenant's issues resolved. Property management services need to track incoming maintenance requests and work orders with a system that ensures that nothing falls through the cracks.

Contracting with professionals

A good property management company will use reputable contractors who are licensed, bonded and insured to do maintenance work. They should also take the steps necessary to make sure they provide quality work at a comparable price.

Rules used for contractors entering occupied properties

Make sure your property management company has an established policy when the contractors they use need to enter an occupied property. Anytime maintenance or contractors enter occupied units there is a potential problem if it is not conducted carefully.

Don’t allow tenants to hire their own handyman or perform repairs

Allowing tenants to hire their own handyman or do their own repairs can lead to trouble. The work done may be inferior and the lack of insurance coverage and liability or workers compensation could leave you liable if an accident or injury occurs. Make sure the rental agreement prohibits this.
Itemized statements with receipts should be provided

Anytime work is performed at your rental property the property management company should explicitly list these on your monthly statement and receipts of any work done should be provided or accessible from an online portal. This ensures there is accountability and transparency to the billing process.

Re-renting a vacated property

Managing re-renting after a tenant has left is part of the services offered by property management. Cleaning, painting, and re-keying the property are standard and completed in a timely manner to get the property re-rented quickly. An empty rental is a good time to do improvements needed such as replacing carpet or appliances and any other needed repairs. Nothing should ever be done without the property owner’s consent.

The good news – you don’t have to do all of this alone

Proper maintenance of rental properties can be time-consuming, however, its part of the cost of owning a rental property. A good property management company can take these responsibilities off your to-do list and give you time to pursue other interests.

Professional San Jose Property Management Services (

The professionals at Valley Management Group have over 35 years of experience making life easier for rental property owners. Your tenants will stay longer and take better care of your property when it is being cared for by an experienced and knowledgeable property management company. If own rental property in San Jose, Santa Clara, Campbell or elsewhere in Santa Clara County contact Valley Management Group today at 408 286-4200 for a free management quote and one free month of property management services.
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5 Things to Look for in a Property Management Company

Choosing a property management group is a key step in creating a rental investment that continually performs well. Management duties can be difficult for one person to handle, especially in a big complex, and a property management company takes the load off your shoulders. Tenant relationships go more smoothly with a good property management company as well. If you are looking for a good property management company using the five criteria discussed below will guide you in making the right selection.


Everyone has to start somewhere, but that doesn't mean you have to be the owner who turns over property to a new and untested company. If you seek out a company that has an excellent reputation, you know what you're in for. You'll know how quickly the company is likely to respond, how it will handle problem tenants, how quickly it will handle finances, and how well it will care for your property.

Management companies that do not have good reputations can create more headaches for you. Delayed maintenance can result in higher repair costs later on, for example. You want a property management company that jumps on maintenance issues when those issues are still small, and companies with good reputations are likely to do that.


Along with a good reputation should come credibility. The reports the company sends you about what's been happening at your property need to be accurate, as do bills for repair funds. What they tell you about their history and tenant criteria should be verifiable. If a property management company continually gives you incorrect information, either purposefully or accidentally, then you end up not knowing how your property is being treated.


Chances are if the company has a good reputation, it will have experience. However, be sure that the experience matches up with what you need. You can have a fantastic company that has managed only apartment buildings; that may not be the best match for your rental house. The rental and maintenance needs are different, and the types of tenants who do best in those locations may also differ. Your property managers need to know how to manage your specific type of rental.


When you need to contact the property managers, you need them to be easily available. It's normal for managers to be away at properties, but someone at the office should be available to take the call during business hours or return your call or email within a few hours. A property management company that's hard to reach is distressing enough for tenants, and even more so for owners.


No one wants to be managed by someone who does not have it all together. Property managers don't necessarily have to dress in suits. But they need to present themselves and act in a professional manner. You should feel like you're being treated as an adult and not as an annoyance. Plus, all property managers you use should have a good grasp of state and local rental regulations. You do not want to work with a company known for violating state laws.

Property Management in San Jose ( recently published an article ( where they reviewed 247 property management companies in San Jose, CA, and the surrounding metro area. They used over 25 variables to find those companies that met the five criteria mentioned above. San Jose Property Management Company Valley Management Group is proud to have been named among the top 20 picks. If you need to find a company that provides exceptional property management in San Jose, Santa Clara, Campbell or in other communities in Santa Clara County, Valley Management Group is your choice for professional, reliable service. Contact Valley Management group at 408 286-4200 or visit their site and ask for a free property management quote and sign up to get one free month of management services.
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Property Management Services and Coverage Every Rental Owner Should Have

New rental property owners may find that they have more responsibilities than they realized. Being a landlord can be a time-consuming 24-hour job. It’s difficult for the average person to stay on top of all the city, county, state and federal regulations that affect rental properties. Add this the time needed to find and qualify good tenants, maintain the property, collect the rent and do the bookkeeping. Using a professional property manager will take the worry and daily grind out of being a landlord.

In addition many property owners don’t understand the type of insurance coverage they should have for their rentals. Having the proper insurance is one of the most important things that a property owner must place at the top of their to-do list.

Property Management Services that You Need

You don’t have to go it alone as a rental property owner and landlord in Santa Clara County. If you aren’t familiar with how these can help you – let’s take a look at just a few of the things they will do.

• Analysis of property for rent increases
• Financial reports on a regular basis
• Interview and screening of potential tenants
• Lease preparation
• Maintain records
• 24-7 emergency repairs
• Rent collection and eviction services
• Property maintenance

A good property management company has access to reliable and pre-qualified suppliers and contractors that they regularly work with who will keep your property in good repair. Keeping tenants for a long period of time can be partly due the management of a property. Having a good relationship between tenants and landlords helps to keep your property rented. High turnover costs money and decreases the financial gain that you expected when you purchased the property. Every day that your rental is unoccupied you lose money.

Insurance coverage for rental property

You must be protected from financial loss in the case of a break-in, fire or severe weather damage to your rental property. Landlord insurance will provide the coverage you need in the event that your property damaged.
Landlord insurance usually covers similar protection as the insurance coverage you have on your own home. As a landlord, you should have certain extra coverage, which may even cover non-payment of rent. Coverage in the case of damage or loss of property or injury of the tenant is invaluable. Many mortgage companies require landlords to have insurance before tenants can move in.

There are several options you can choose when speaking with your insurance carrier:

Liability insurance. Liability insurance covers your property in the case of lawsuits or liability claims. This coverage is important if a visitor or even a trespasser is injured on your property.

Loss of income. This coverage will reimburse you if your rental property is uninhabitable due to a covered issue such as fire or storm.

Property damage. If your property is damaged due to a storm, vandalism, theft or damage caused by a tenant – property damage insurance reimburses you for replacement or repair.

Renter’s insurance. Some tenants assume that landlords are responsible for insurance on their personal property which is usually not the case. Although your tenant’s personal property loss may be covered under the umbrella of your owner’s insurance policy, you should require your tenants to have renter’s insurance as part of the lease and rental agreement. This is a benefit for both you and your tenant if an unexpected event occurs that damages both your rental property and the contents own by your tenant.

Professional Property Management in San Jose (

The Valley Management Group has over 35 years of experience in residential property management in San Jose, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale and other communities in Santa Clara County. They take pride in developing good relationships between landlords and tenants. Their property management services will let you use more of your time for the activities you enjoy. As a busy property owner, you can trust the management of your valuable property to their professional care. If you own rental property in Santa Clara County and need property management services call 408 286-4200 and get a free property management quote with one free month of property management services.

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Rental Property Trends in San Jose and Santa Clara County

If you are a rental property owner in San Jose or Santa Clara County, you know that rents have increased significantly during last few years. Compared to other parts of the country, the cost of housing in Santa Clara County and the greater Bay Area are very high to those not familiar with our local real estate market. The local job market that promotes the influx on highly skilled workers in the technology industry is the primary reason behind the higher costs.

Market trends in the San Jose metro area

One and two-bedroom rentals continue to be the most popular over the last few years. The rental costs for larger rentals, such as three to five bedrooms usually increase at a slower rate. This is very important information for landlords to have in order for them to determine the appropriate amount for their rentals.

The average monthly rental cost for a studio apartment in San Jose is currently about $2000, for one-bedroom apartment its $2,350 per month, and for a two-bedroom average its $2,825+. The average size of a rental 864 square feet, but this size varies depending on the number of bedrooms and the type of apartment. These numbers show a two to seven percent increase over rental prices in 2016. Studio apartments led the way with the 7% increase in rental costs over the last year while larger properties had the smallest increases in rental costs at 2%.

The last data in December 2017 for larger sized rentals showed the average price for a three bedroom was $3,500+ while a four bedroom was $3,700+. As mentioned above, rental cost for larger properties increased the least this last year compared to previous year.

Vacancy rates

The vacancy rate for the San Jose area was 2.75% in 2015 and 2.60% in 2016. The average vacancy rate in the U.S. was 5.85% in 2015 and 5.38% in 2016. California State vacancy rate in 2015 was 3.33% compared to 2.76% in 2016.

Rental property in San Jose and Santa Clara County is highly sought after and if you have a rental property a good way to add extra income – especially when you work with a good property management company to assist you.

Effective Property Management Requires Knowledge and Expertise

It’s hard for the average person to stay on top of the rental market in San Jose and Santa Clara County. The trends change from year to year and there are many factors that go into deciding the amount of rent to charge. The condition and maintenance of the property along with the location and size are details that need to be considered.

Property management professionals understand the rental process and know the local market well. They make a point to study and understand the ebb and flow of the real estate market. They are able to advise rental property owners the correct rent to charge for each type of rental and will also qualify rental applicants to determine if they will be good tenants.

There are many landlords who try to manage their properties alone. They soon find out that this can be time-consuming, stressful and costly endeavor. In order to get the return on investment that was planned, your best bet is to work with an experienced real estate property manager.

These professionals keep a watchful eye on the trends in the market for rentals within San Jose and Santa Clara County area. They will make sure you are asking the right amount for your rental based on size, condition and location. If you are not charging enough, they will contact your tenants about a rent increase. If the charge is out of sync with current trends, they will advise you about lowering the rent.

In order to attract responsible tenants – the rent charged must be in line with the competition. Only professionals are able to assess what that amount is.
A San Jose property management group takes care of many of the details regarding your property besides just setting the appropriate rental fee.

San Jose Property Management Services (

Valley Management Group has over 35 years of experience managing residential properties within San Jose and Santa Clara County. They provide services that include marketing and showing your property, collecting rent, handling repairs and maintenance, providing monthly financial reports, screen potential tenants – and so much more. Valley Management Group will manage the day-to-day responsibilities that can be so time consuming and stressful.

If you own a rental property in Santa Clara County talk to the experts at Valley Management Group. They will take the stress out of being a property owner and help to maximize your profits.
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How a Property Management Company Can Maximize Your Real Estate Investment

People invest in rental properties to gain financial security, sometimes without realizing how much work it can be. While investing in property can be profitable, it takes time and a lot of work to maintain a rental property properly in order to maximize your real estate investment.

The good news is that you don’t have to do all of the work yourself. When you enlist the help of a professional property management company, your rentals will no longer be a headache. You will be able to reap the benefits without all of the hard work that being a landlord entails.

The list below includes some of the things a property management company can do to help you maximize your real estate investment.

Advertising: Until you became a landlord, you might not have realized how important advertising rental property is. To optimize your returns in a rental market, you need to get your rental advertised as soon as you know it will be available for a new tenant at the right price. It takes knowledge of the rental markets to price your property realistically and keep it in line with the local markets.

Collecting Rent: Collecting rent may not seem like a hard job, but it can be time-consuming and can even get a little touchy now and then. Rent collection is another task that is removed from a landlord’s list of things to do when a property management company is involved.

Maintenance: Who likes to be called in the middle of the night because of a renter’s leaking toilet? No one. As a landlord, you are expected to respond immediately to any type of crisis. Maintenance is one, if not the biggest headaches of a landlord. This isn’t an issue when you are partnered with a professional property management company. They will manage those problems and let you know about them (at an appropriate time).

Qualified Tenants: In a market that has more renters than properties, you can get bogged down with applications. You have to go through their applications, talk to them on the phone and/or in person and screen their credit. This process will tie you down considerably – multiply that times however many rentals you have. Qualifying and selecting tenants is one of the most important aspects for having a profitable investment property. When screening and choosing tenants is done by professionals who consider it an important part of their job, you will benefit by having more qualified tenants that will stay in your property longer.

Lease Preparation: Proper lease preparation is very important and needs to be addressed by professionals who understand the local regulations and laws of Santa Clara County. This is also a task that is managed by a good property manager.

Tenants Vacating: When a tenant leaves, the property needs to be inspected and reviewed with the check in list completed when the tenant first moved in. Besides determining what deposit to return to the departing tenant, there is usually some work to do before it’s ready for a new tenant. You never know for sure when your rental will become empty. In order to make money on your investment, your property can’t sit empty. A property management team will take care of any repairs or improvements that are needed to get it ready to re-rent. Any changes made to the property will be approved by you – the owner.

Professional Property Management in San Jose (

There are some things you just can’t do alone. To maximize the initial investment you made on rental properties, you need the help of professionals. Valley Management Group has over 35 years of experience providing property management services in San Jose, Santa Clara, Campbell and other communities throughout Santa Clara County. Tenants and owners alike have given them high ratings online. Let Valley Management help you increase your investment by taking great care of your property. Contact Valley Management Group today at 408 286-4200 and get a free property management quote with one free month of services.
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Tips on Inspecting Your Rental Property When Tenants Move

In a perfect world, landlords have tenants who pay their rent on time, cause no drama and stay in a rental property for a long time. When they do leave – they leave the property in good shape and besides normal wear and tear, all of their deposit is returned.

Since this is not a perfect world - being a landlord can sometimes be a frustrating and challenging job. This is especially true when a tenant moves out, oftentimes leaving the rental messy with needed repairs. When this happens you may have to leave the property vacant while necessary repairs and cleaning is done.

Renters have responsibilities when they move out and landlords have certain expectations that should be met without having to go through a lot of hassle.

Being proactive

As a property owner you can appreciate the importance of making sure you have the proper documents for your tenants. This is to protect yourself as a landlord and to leave nothing to chance when it comes to what is expected of the tenant as well as your responsibilities as the landlord.

If you have been managing your property on your own, you may have experienced some unpleasant surprises when a tenant moves out of your rental. What you may not know is that you don’t have to go it alone. Professional property management can help take the surprises out of your properties when tenants move out.

An experienced property management company will take the stress out of a tenant’s departure. They keep up-to-date on the rules and regulations of tenant-landlord relationships. Property managers are professionals who take a proactive approach when it comes to tenant transitions.

Use a Checklist

A property management company will keep a detailed checklist that they will go through before a tenant moves into the property and again when they move out. The tenants will review and sign the listing before moving in. It is an agreement that the rental property will be left in the same condition when they move out as it was when they moved in.

In many cases landlords allow renters to paint walls as long as they are repainted to the original color when the parties move out.

Before and After Photos

Documenting the state of the rental property before the tenant moves in will help avoid disputes later on. Photos should be taken when the tenant moves out that show any damage that has taken place or if the property wasn’t properly cleaned. Detailed photos, including the carpet or floors, should be part of the photo group as well as the condition of sinks and appliances.
You may have found that being a property owner takes more time and effort than you thought. It’s a 24-hour job. From maintenance to collecting rent, someone has to be ready to help the tenants in case of a broken pipe or leaky faucet. The job doesn’t stop when the tenant moves out. You have to be sure that your property has been maintained properly, with no damages so you can get it re-rented quickly. Professional Property management services will take the worry out of being a landlord.

Property Management Campbell CA (

If you own a rental property in Campbell, San Jose or Santa Clara California consider using the property management services at Valley Management Group. Valley management has over 35 years of property management experience serving the needs of both property owners and tenants. With their 5-star rating from tenants as well as owners, you can be sure they will help you with all aspects of property ownership. Call Valley Management Group at 408 286-4200 for a free property management quote and one month of free property management services.
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Property Management Services: Do You Need One?

Many rental property owners feel that they have bitten off more than they can chew when they realize how difficult it is to be a landlord. It’s so much more than collecting rent each month. Property owners can become frustrated and stressed about what they thought was a good investment.

Whether property ownership provides your primary income, a second income – or income you count on during your retirement – it doesn’t have to become a full-time job. You don’t have to go it alone as a landlord. With the help of an experienced property management team, you can enjoy the benefits of property ownership without being tied down and responsible for everything that comes up.

You don’t have to go it alone

Just because you own property and are a landlord – you don’t have to do it all by yourself. When you let a property management company take some of the responsibilities, you will be able to enjoy the advantages of property ownership without all of the headaches. Here are just a few good things that a property management company can do for you.

24-hour service: Perhaps one of the biggest advantages that a property management company can offer you is 24-hour service. No more middle of the night, holiday or weekend calls.

Collecting rent and evictions: A property management company will manage rent collection. If you have multiple properties – this can save you hours of precious time.

No one likes to think about eviction – it can be a complicated and unpleasant process. A property management company takes care of that and will make sure the correct processes are followed.

Financial reports: If you’re a new landlord – you may have been surprised at the amount of paperwork that it entails. From the initial rental application to providing you detailed reports – you won’t have to spend hours behind your desk keeping track of finances related to your properties.

Even experienced landlords have a hard time keeping up with state and federal regulations as they relate to renting property. A knowledgeable property management company stays up-to-date with local and federal regulations to ensure your property stays current with new laws.

Maintenance: As you have probably found out – maintenance of your rental property needs to be done on a regular basis. Emergency repairs are usually needed at the most inopportune times and you may have found it difficult to find qualified repairmen to take care of things.

A property management company has access to professional contractors and suppliers that many landlords do not. In order to keep your tenants happy and your property value high, besides emergency fixes – routine maintenance is a must.

Marketing, Screening and Showing your property: An empty property means no money coming in. You may not always have the time to properly advertise, screen tenants and show the property. Property management professionals know how to market properties to get the best tenants.

Thorough screening of prospective tenants can save you from tenants who may not be looking for a long-term rental. By contracting with a good property management company you no longer have to take time to show your property.

Valley Management Group

Valley Management Group is a San Jose property management company ( with over 35 years of experience managing properties in San Jose, Santa Clara, Campbell, and throughout Santa Clara County. With them, you will have peace of mind knowing your rental properties are being taken care of. You can enjoy your investment without the work and hassle that comes with being a landlord. If you own rental property in Santa Clara County and would like to get a free property management quote with one free month of property management services, call Valley Management Group today at 408 286-4200.
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Deferred Vs. Preventative Maintenance for Rental Property

Property owners and landlords are busy people. From collecting rent to fixing a leaking pipe – they have to wear many hats. Some landlords are successful at keeping all of the loose ends tied but it takes time and can be exhausting. These brave property owners are tied to their rentals. When you are a landlord who takes care of your own property – you fully understand that someone must be available 24/7 in-order-to keep renters happy at their homes.

If you are a landlord who has tried to do it all on your own, maybe it’s time to relinquish some of the responsibilities that come with owning a rental property. Enlisting the help of a property management San Jose may be your answer.


Normal wear and tear takes its toll on every property – especially rental property. Minor things can become major issues if not tended to in a timely manner. As a landlord, you shouldn’t wait for a complaint to do regular preventative maintenance on your property. By the time a complaint is received, you may be looking for replacement instead of repair.

Between tenants is the ideal time for a complete property assessment. Your rental agreement can state that there will be a yearly preventative maintenance assessment.

Maintenance of a rental property can take hours of time in repair or trying to find competent and trustworthy people to do the work for you. Just as preventative healthcare is becoming more important to people – preventative maintenance can be important in keeping your rental properties in good working order.
Here is a list of suggested items that should be on your preventative maintenance checklist.

• Check thermostat for properly running air conditioner and furnace and that filters are changed as needed.
• Check carpet seams to make sure they aren’t coming loose around the edges.
• Check walls for cracks.
• Have gas lines inspected on a regular basis by a certified professional.
• Ensure fire regulations are followed.
• Check that the Water Heater is working properly with no leaks
• Inspect all plumbing to make sure there are no silent leaks. Toilets – for excessive running.
• Inspect outside faucets and run through a cycle of underground sprinklers if you have them.
• Make sure all appliances are in good working order.
• Make sure shrubbery and trees are properly trimmed.
• Keep the exterior of the property cleaned and in good order – including gutters, roof tiles and chimney.

You can tell from this sample checklist above that there are many things that need attention to in-order-to keep small problems from turning into costly problems. If you are taking care of your rental property yourself – you are most likely familiar with this list or one that is similar – and you are probably added more items to the list. The good news is that you don’t have to do all of this alone.

Property Management San Jose (

There are professionals who can share in the responsibilities of preventative maintenance. Let the professionals provide you with the expertise needed to keep your rental properties functioning smoothly. When you do - you can enjoy the ROI you envisioned when you became a rental property owner. Professional property managers will communicate with you regarding any repair need that arises to make sure you are involved in any decisions made regarding your property.

When your property is managed by the professionals at Valley Management Group you can rest easy. Valley Management Group has over 35 years of experience providing property management services in San Jose and Santa Clara County. If you own rental property in Santa Clara or anywhere in Santa Clara County call them today to get a free property management quote and one free month of services. They know the best way to prevent costly property repairs is thorough preventative maintenance.
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Common Mistakes Property Owners Make When Screening Tenants in San Jose

One of the biggest challenges for rental property owners is to find responsible, stable – and most importantly – long term tenants. If you own property in San Jose, Santa Clara, Campbell or elsewhere in Santa Clara County, you understand the difficulties that come with managing your own rental. Screening potential tenants may sound easy until you begin the process and see what is involved. The importance of proper screening cannot be underestimated.


Even though every property owner has their own individual details and issues to consider, there are a few common mistakes that are made by many landlords when it comes to choosing a tenant. Some mistakes can be costly to the property owner and can result in frequent vacancies. Below are a few of the mistakes commonly made by property owners. San Jose property owners will appreciate how to avoid these common mistakes.

• Not doing sufficient screening of prospective tenants (and co-applicants)
• Not understanding the local regulations in your area as well as the Fair Housing Act
• Considering applications that are not complete or do not meet all of your criteria


The reason people own property is to make a profit – but usually, they don’t want it to become a full- time job. That’s why having a professional San Jose property management company ( help you avoid the pitfalls of being a landlord.

Screening process. Screening potential tenants should be one of the top priorities of a landlord. It is sometimes tempting to rent a property quickly. On paper, people may appear that they would be a good tenant - and it is sometimes easy to make an emotional decision about renting to someone. Later on, however, you may be in for a surprise. They may not want to stay long-term or become troublesome tenants. Enlisting the help of a San Jose Property Management company will take the personalities out of the equation by performing thorough screening and background checks. They will do everything possible to make sure a potential tenant passes all of your rental criteria.

Local regulations. Housing and renting regulations can change and it’s important that property owners stay on top of new and updated rules and regulations. Not having a good understanding of San Jose and Santa Clara County housing regulations can cause problems with your tenants as well as with housing authorities. San Jose Property Management professionals can help you avoid these types of problems because it is part of the services they offer to their clients.

Application process. An inexperienced property owner sometimes makes the mistake of being too casual with applications and explaining what is expected from the tenant. This is where an experienced San Jose Property Management team can make sure the application asks all of the right questions and that the potential tenant has answered and signed the application properly. The application process must also be performed on any co-applicants who will be renting your property. It is important to screen not request credit reports but criminal background screening as well.


It’s easy to make a mistake when renting property, especially if you’re new at it and trying to do it alone. Being a rental property owner is time-consuming, to say the least. It takes knowledge and experience to do it right.

Valley Management Group has provided property management services to the property owners in Santa Clara County for over 35 years. They have received high ratings from their property owner clients as well as the many tenants with whom they have worked. If you own rental property in San Jose, Santa Clara, Campbell or elsewhere in Santa Clara County call them today to get a free property management quote and one free month of services.

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