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Could have gone into #gaming... Anyway, this is great news. 
Last March, we used a machine learning system called AlphaGo to master the ancient game of Go—a 2,500 year-old board game—defeating legendary player Lee Sedol. This week at the Future of Go Summit, you can watch AlphaGo face off with top-ranked Go player Ke Jie live. Learn more about Go and watch Match 1 of #AlphaGo17 live tonight at 7:30 p.m. PT →
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Took me awhile to realize this is a globe of the world. I thought it was disturbing before... 
When the swine become bold enough to live openly in the light of day, it is time to make some bacon. 

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Your jobs are pointless.
"Volvo's autonomous garbage truck reports for duty." "With plans for more efficiency and improved safety, the transportation giant has debuted a driverless trash truck prototype that actually works -- in every sense of the word."

"Volvo worked in collaboration with Swedish waste service company Renova to develop this high-tech truck. It's got a pre-programmed trash route set in the computer, allowing it to drive from site to site without human aid. This simplifies the collection service, enabling the onboard crew to work solely on picking up trash without having to get in and out of the truck."

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H/T +Winchell Chung​
"Roughly 6 million to 7.5 million retail jobs "likely will be automated out of existence in the coming years, leaving a large portion of the retail workforce at risk of becoming 'stranded workers,'" according to the 56-page report by investment advisory firm Cornerstone Capital Group." ... time frame = "coming years" ... :) #ItsAmachineWorldAfterAll 

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I really didn't need to know this. 

Mack: I want potatoes with butter.
Me: Those are tomatoes.
Mack: I want tomatoes with butter.
Me: Are you sure, I've never seen that done before. How about some salt?
Me: Okay.

Six minutes later.

Mack: Okay, you were right. Put on some salt.

I'm drinking the coffee

but I don't feel more awake.

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Disturbing divisions in US society have formed. 
This is very, very worrisome.
"Let’s be clear about what’s happening here: Right-wing media is creating coherent alternate storylines with different characters and different context — but a narrative that competes with contextual facts that support a more accurate story. Even amid some of the most troubling presidential news in decades, a huge portion of this country is having a very different experience of these events, and repeating it over and over. Our collective memories — and, in turn, our shared culture — are being splintered."

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Where are my various Google Services listed in a single space?

So, I've been going through the images I've apparently uploaded over the years to G+. Which are ... all saved ... somewhere ... in the GoogleVerse.

But ... it's not clear where that is. The only interface to access my uploaded photos I've found is in the G+ attach-photo dialog thingie, which gives me a brief thumbnail preview.

Originally, the plan for Google Plus was, as I understand, to be some Universal Home to All Google Services. As with many battle plans, that one ... failed to survive contact with the enemy users.

There's which appears to be one of the very few unified Google account management pages.

Mind: it doesn't actually list a set of products.

There seems to be a place you can go to find those under "Delete your account services", which ... is an interesting way to advertise unification, though it does seem distinctly Brexit, er, British, these days...

The set of tabs at the top of the page, "Google+", "Search", "Images", "More...", ... doesn't actually link to the service-management interfaces for those services.

I'm aware that my current G+ settings make a direct response to this post in comments unpossible. That's actually kind of the point as well.

Is anyone actually thinking about this stuff?

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This girl has no idea how easy she had it. 

How many pages does it take on a Google search to find yourself? Stop if you get to page 10. (obviously incognito) 
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