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I'm here to read horrible sentences and throw bleach into my eyes.

I'm now out of bleach. 
"I find myself losing the will to live as I contemplate revising it." -- Geoff Pullum, in regards to the sentence following the titular sentence of this article

I was thinking, "What if these breakfast table chairs were actually grizzly bears."

I decided it was good that they were just chairs. 

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Hey, look, I'm unfolding my innards. 

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While I confine myself to a near self imposed internet embargo, here is some #popcorn.

And no, I'm not doing well.

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I've used the flashback mechanic in a game I ran a long time ago. It works really well.

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My wife. 

I just want to live the rest of my life in a Starbucks Cafe. Like a Starbucks hotel. I feel so at ease here. 

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How life feels. 

Some days I just don't want to even get out of bed.

Today. You know, like today.

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Things to remember when you freelance. 
7 Things to Think About Before Setting Your Freelance Rates
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