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This article is two years old, but the proof is right there. The drugs are never the real problem. Money is. It's hard to imagine the US legalizing all drugs, but it works. Certainly works better than massive prison systems. 

Open Question. US WWII military vs. Current US Military .

How many times larger would the WWII US military (without allies) need to be in order to defeat the current US military. Please use the military size at the end of the war for comparison. I might post to quora later ... But was curious what you thought here. 


"If you believe in time travel, get in the car."

I hesitated for a second and then jumped in the passenger seat.

"Oh thank God, I tried three other lines and none of them worked." She pressed the button to harvest my organs. 

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Burn, counter burn, Constitutional BURN.

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Slippery Slope: an idea or course of action which will lead to something unacceptable, wrong, or disastrous.
Artificial intelligence for suicide prevention

Facebook is turning to a high stakes application of artificial intelligence as part of its efforts to deal with suicide amongst its users. This is very commendable and yet fraught with difficulties. So very many tricky, nuanced issues to deal with here in getting this right, especially with such high stakes.

I'm hoping this will remain closely monitored by humans behind the scenes.

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It took him weeks to set the price. 

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Normally is put this into Greek stuff, but it's funny to everyone. 
The single greatest quote regarding the AWS outage:

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I love snub nose design. 
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