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My experience with Gavin at Team Chevrolet had no concept of "teamwork" at all. Upon first arrival to the Service department, no one came out to greet me like they had at the Chevy dealership in Colma. After ten minutes of standing in the doorway and not one of the four service agents acknowledging me, Gavin asked if he could help me. I explained the noise and that the Camaro was still under warranty. Then, he told me that he could not see me without an appointment. The next morning, I was there fifteen minutes early for my appointment, left the car there and utilized the dealership car service to hop a ride back home. At 2:30 that afternoon, I received a call from Gavin that the car couldn't be squeezed into the schedule and that I could leave it there or pick it up and reschedule an appointment for another day! I bummed a ride from a friend, went back to the dealership to speak with Gavin in person. The gentleman was rude; working on another things, stapling documents, interupting me to speak to other people and then back to me. I asked for a loaner car. He said the Hertz counter was fresh out of cars. I told him I had already made reservation with Enterprise and Gavin's response was that Chevy did not deal with other rental firms so it would be on me. Luckily, the Customer Service manager walked out to offer water bottles and introduced herself to me. Although vexed, she asked me to explain my story. She arranged for me to rent the car through Enterprise. The next day, Gavin never really explained what had been wrong with the car, the Service report does not indicate what was repaired, and now I am hearing a different noise in the same vicinity. I am literally dreading to go back. It was a truly dissatisfying experience. I love my Camaro, but truly cannot believe those folks are your customer contacting employees. Gavin should be in a room all alone to himself because the grumpiness and lack of professionalism was actually quite frustrating and disappointing. Thank you for sending me this survey so that I could tell you the truth of what really transpired. 
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