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The United Nations let this happen! How does one organization pass a resolution to bomb Gaddafi out of his palace but not be able to bring food to hungry people. This defies logic.

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The commercial says it all but one question..did he really cause the Egyptian riots? Answer is NO!

Q to House Minority Ldr. Pelosi: Are there enough votes? A: "You'll have to ask the Speaker. He has the majority" This is totally going to suck if the House doesn't pass the bill

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Excellent account of Seal Team 6's raid on the Bin Laden compound!!!!

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All the detainees of Guantanamo, Cuba with pictures and citizenship!

I don't think the S&P has the balls to lower the AAA rating. Moreover, S&P gave good ratings to many mortgage-backed securities that went bust. Now they decide the US fate?

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The parts about creation, miracles & gays are literal, but when the Bible says to give your stuff away, it's metaphor.

Everyone should have +Almighty God on their stream. His omnipresence is now on Google +

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Good issue to go before the US Supreme Court.

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These guys are heroes! Cyber Robin Hood
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