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(American Spectator) "Instead of a brokered convention, what is needed - and what is likely to happen if no candidate enters a convention with majority support -- is a contested, open convention. This would be a good thing for the party ... delegates voting are mostly ordinary people, volunteers rather than party officials, who are in it not for perks or privileges but because they care deeply about their country. They are housewives, small-business owners, professional women, or retirees worried about their grandchildren ... The public would see "ordinary Americans" making the momentous decision." ~ Quin Hillyer
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Erik Slavik Ron Paul has no chance in the world of wining!GOP nomination race at this point is 571 for Romney, 342 for Santorum, 158 for Newt Gingrich and 91 for Ron Paul.
Surging Santorum and frothed to an end.
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