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Rick Santorum is gearing up for the second half of the primary race with a strong focus on Pennsylvania! Join Rick's team at
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Am I the only one that read this as "Rick Santorum is giving up"?
If Santorum wins in Pa it'll be because Romney didn't campaign there. Romney has more cash than any of the other three and as we all know that's what win's elections now'days. Thanks Citizens United and SCOTUS
Seriously, do the math. Don't go down in history as the one who damaged Romney so much that Obama got another 4 years. "Gotta know when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em."
I love watching faith lose to reality.
+Josiah Popp Don't twist my words please. Rick's faith will lose to the reality of the political environment.
+Sam Moore Ah. :-) i see. If i understand you correctly, i do disagree with you that it is solely his faith that is his downfall. (I myself am a Christian who supports him.) But yes, the fact that Mitt Romney and others are less leaning right, is probably going to mean that Rick does not win the primary. (As much as i would like him to.)
+Rick Santorum I voted for you in FL and support your policy positions. As much as I hate to say this, it is time to get out and unequivocally support +Mitt Romney If you don't soon, we will lose this election. ~ a supporter.
Andrew Mindnich Before you go yelling at people you should learn proper grammar and punctuation! Your just a kid you have no clue what your talking about. GOP nomination race at this point is 571 for Romney, 342 for Santorum, 158 for Newt Gingrich and 91 for Ron Paul.Rick has a chance of wining, Rick Santorum 2012!! Vote Rick. O and by the way Andrew Mindnich If your not with rick why are you here, All people not with Rick GET OUT!
Andrew Mindnich What is a madder with you. Your just a little kid, you no nothing on politics. And like i said before you better learn proper grammar and punctuation, It makes you look like an idiot, That has no clue what he is talking about, And it's true, You do not know what your talking about. And cussing dose not make you look smarter it's makes you look like an A$$. What happened too you did your parents drop you ween you were a babe? And Christopher Caro I see your a nice person and i don't want to be rude but the information that the media has is not right. Rick dose have a chance of wining and I will help him in any way i can.I hope you have a good Easter,Good day.And one more thing Andrew Mindnich there is no point of cussing it's rude, uncaring, unsocial. It makes you look like a jerk that dose not care about any one.I hope you learn not to cuss. Good day gentlemen.
Never give up Rick we need next time keep fighting.
parufeniyongere parufeniyongere hellow....happy with you.... where do you come from?
hola  k   dios  los  bentiga  y k  la  joven   recupere.  ok
he aquí    los  mas  crade  k  tiene  las fa d   la  tierra   es  dios.
Evangelina Cruz Aug 06, 2012
si estamos muy bentisidos porque tienemos un dios muy armoruoso.
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