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Power British Ltd
Delivering the way for Efficient Power
Delivering the way for Efficient Power


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The solid ideas of Power British
Since its inception, Power British has been experiencing rapid growth and development.
There is nothing more precious than good reputation, this is accomplished by doing our
best to provide our customers with best quality products at competitive prices by offering
them professional, timely and personalized service. With this understanding, our dedicated
management and staff will spare no effort in carrying out our customer's needs.
Today the Power British Company has evolved to a big company and one of the largest
power providing institutions in the Middle East through our distributors and now the Group’s
network is expanding exponentially into a new territories.
Looking back, I am proud of the way we stood up to the challenges of 2008, when
economic crisis shook the world markets It gives me great pleasure to say that this has
been a year of positive change for the company. On several areas we did exceptionally
well- starting with financial performance, opening new branches in different countries,
attracting more customers, getting well known in the world marketplace.
We are proud of these accomplishments and the strategies implemented have resulted in
the shaping of a strong diversified company. Our committed employees and managers
make us one of the most revered companies in the industry. Each of them with their diverse
backgrounds and specialized disciplines add on to what our customers need most – quality
driven results.
There is an old saying that a river is formed, drop by drop. Step by step, Power British is
growing ahead in its mission to become one of the world's most valuable companies, as
defined in our vision.
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Power British LTD is a leading supplier of Diesel Generators and
Cable Machinery providing innovative solutions to its clients
worldwide. With the continued expansion of the company to
operate in many markets, we are always looking to constantly
improve the quality of our products and employee highly
experienced and valuable staff members to join our team. The
company is well established and it is currently successfully
operating in three countries including the United Kingdom and
UAE . Over the years, we established a strong position in each of
these markets.
Power British LTD. is an ISO 9001:2008 registered company and
leading supplier of Diesel Generators and Cable Machinery in
Europe and the Middle East. We have a complete stock of 10 to
3300 KVA (1100V, 3300V, 415V)diesel gen-sets which are
assembled in UK, and powered by Perkins, Cummins and MTU
diesel engines with best brands of alternators such as Leroy
somer, Stamford andMeccalte.
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Middle East and North Africa (MENA)-Our distributors.
We operate in UAE market (Dubai) via our distributor ATGenerators. Through out the years, we were able to achieve outstanding results by moving from being a competitor to being a market leader.
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