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+Google+​: Feature request - Link to communities and posts within it.

Problem: The the app can copy link to public posts, but not posts within [private] communities. Also, I can't link to the actual community itself from within the Google+ app.

Why: Wish to send links to community members on #Hangouts.

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#hangouts keeps getting better. Wishing +Google will implement support for sending files other than images; videos, audio etc.
Hangouts: now smarter, faster, and a lot more fun

If you’re like me, you want to stay connected with friends and family without technology getting in the way. Hangouts lets you focus on the people you love talking to, so your conversations feel as in-the-moment and natural as they do in real life.

Today we’re updating the Hangouts app for Android to make it easier to express yourself, and have more fun along the way:
    - Like the saying goes, a sticker is worth a thousand words. From penguins to pirates, koalas to cats, 16 new sticker packs (and more to come!) have tons of ways to say what’s on your mind.
    - Give your video calls some extra flair with video filters including sepia, vignette, black & white, and more. Just swipe during a video call to try these new styles. 

We’re also making it easier to start conversations with friends and family:
    - Confirm your phone number so your friends who already have your digits can more easily find and message you in Hangouts.
    - Know when your friends are ready to chat right now with “last seen” timestamps, so you never have to type, “You there?”

Hangouts is also introducing the start of something new -- smart suggestions right in your conversations:
    - When you’re trying to meet up with friends in real life and someone asks, “Where are you?”, Hangouts can now understand what you need and offer to help.  You’ll see a one-tap option to share your location right in the conversation, without you needing to hunt around in a map, drop a pin and send your position. 

Try all the new features by updating the Hangouts app on your Android device  ( - rolling out to the Play Store over the next few hours). Note that “last seen” timestamps will roll out in waves over the next few weeks, so you may not see this feature for all your contacts right away. Today’s updates will also be available on the Hangouts iOS app soon. 

P.S. We’ve added a few other surprises to this Hangouts update, but we’ll let you find them on your own. Woot!
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+Synology is there any possibility that you can add support for syncing Google+ photos? Syncing my Google account now, but only Google Drive.

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Trevlig uppdatering till min +Sony Xperia  #Z2 . Remote Play med DUALSHOCK 4-stöd blir underbart. Kommer nog dessvärre använda min PS Vita lite mindre framöver...

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Så borde pizza bakas!

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I really hope that Sony implements a couple of new features in the awesome What’s New section. Especially filtering options, so one can hide/show data like:

- Specific friends/friend groups
- Shares/Videos/Screenshots
- Game activity
- Trophy earnings
- Ratings/Likes
- Official News
- More [...]

Click the link and UPVOTE this idea.

Btw, merging game activities on the #psvita  and the 'What's New' section on the #ps4  would be great.

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Anyone else want the ability to share content directly to What's New without the need to connect Facebook or Twitter? UPVOTE this idea.

I think it would be so much better. That + allow commenting and I think the feature would be used much more.  #PS4

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Let's all aim for 60 fps and a smoother future. In the meantime, remember that "an animation that is capped at 30 fps looks much, much better than the same animation varying between 40 fps and 50 fps."
60 fps matters, regardless of whether you're an Android developer, web developer or anyone working with animations, +Paul Bakaus has the reasons why, well worth a read.
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