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John August
Social Justice Advocate and Prolific Union Organizer
Social Justice Advocate and Prolific Union Organizer

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ALBA Teaching Institute Offers Expert Historical Knowledge                            

An accomplished union organizer and labor management leader, John August has led operations for the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions and Service Employees International Union, representing approximately 100,000 union members while at Kaiser. John August currently facilitates education for health-care industry unions as an associate director at Cornell University. Additionally, he supports a number of cultural and civic-minded organizations, including the Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives (ALBA).

Since 1978, ALBA has sought to promote human rights and social activism worldwide. Inspired by the sacrifice and commitment to democracy embodied by the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, an American volunteer unit in the Spanish Civil War, the nonprofit works to defend human rights through publications, exhibitions, awards, and educational programs.

ALBA regularly holds Teaching Institutes across the country, offering a unique professional development opportunity for educators in the fields of social studies, English, Spanish, visual art, and human rights education. Focusing on the historic details and cultural implications of the Spanish Civil War, the institutes guide the development of high school lesson plans spanning topics such as World War II, totalitarianism as a threat to democracy, and the contrast between internationalist and isolationist philosophies. Drawing on the expertise of historical and cultural scholars, as well as resources from the Abraham Lincoln Brigade Collection, ALBA incorporates text, audio, and visual sources to help teachers create intellectually stimulating lesson plans.
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