"Will this Super Quiet Apple Move Change the Balance of Trade?"

Apple has barely told anyone about this announcement out there for education, business, government and research organizations adopting the iPad or even purchases of software from the Mac App Store.

The Apple Volume Purchase Program (Apple VPP) is now expanded and available in the following new countries (which ones are next?):

• Australia - AU - New
• Canada - CA - New
• France - FR - New
• Germany - DE - New
• Italy - IT - New
• Japan - JP - New
• New Zealand - NZ - New
• Spain - ES - New
• United Kingdom GB or UK - New
• United States US was the starting point and continues of course.

For instance, the iPad App for business or other creative writing get 100's of purchases through the Apple VPP system.  View that specific example on the web here to see that iPad App description.


However, only the slightest story has become public for these countries that trade billions of dollars with the United States all the time in tangible goods may receive a discount for software in the iEconomy as CNBC likes to say. 

Yet, in reality the Apple VPP makes it more fair for companies in Japan for instance to get the same discounts a US company may have for their iPad fleet, albeit, it may be smaller overall of course. The balance of trade is a big deal, but so is fair dealing with partners and Apple has made this the most understated announcement for the entire year of 2012!

Go figure, as it is our next door neighbor Canada as the largest tangible trader that also we need to supply with good prices on software to achieve a credible notion in this day and age.

Of course, the lowering of prices for trade partners could become the ultimate test of US versus major partners of iPad or similar types technology adoption. 

They, the trade partners get a chance to enter with the new potential efficiently based mobile platform to jump ahead of slower United States rivals?  Or do the other partners have to wait or just pay more to participate right now?

Apple is very quiet about this expansion allright. The full meaning of it unfolds with an entire marketplace projected by the Internet ever more worldwide as a phenomena of business convergence with technical prowess for the certainty of change.

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