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I am the Circle Pusher. You Will Be Dependant!
I am the Circle Pusher. You Will Be Dependant!

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Six Children and Mother Killed by Fire in Tacloban Tent City
Seven More NEW Haiyan Victims in Tacloban

Do you think the problem for the Philippines caused by Typhoon Haiyan is over?   Its not over. Last month, an entire family was wiped out except for the father who was not in the tent when it burned.

This happened just last month.  There is still a large tent city in Tacloban full of those left homeless by Typhoon Yolanda

The need is real please share, please donate if you can. Please share this ripple of love.

Donate here:

We built half a house back in Feb. Let's finish it. Let's build it one 2 dollars a time. Please donate 2 bucks, if you're working.

picture credit and story at:

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Another shot of the Filipino in the park, bedding down for the night. That sack he has his head on is what he will crawl into later and use for a covering.  It probably depends on how many mosquitoes are out. I didn't think of that before, It probably provides some protection.

I can't get out much in the day time as I have lupus and the sun makes it worse. Sunlight can be really deadly for me when this junk is flaring. I get blisters that look like poison ivy but that's just what I can see. The skin is an organ and that's all I can see. Really I have mixed connective tissue disease but even fewer people know what that is.

Its really cutting back on my ability to take pictures. It was so late when I went out tonight I didn't bother with the camera. It was after 10pm. I had one hooker approach me. I wish I had just given her 100 peso (could of dollars) but didn't think of it. I will next time. She was cute but just not my think.

As Alan Shapiro would say, "Don't spare change, make change". Not sure he puts the comma in it so it probably doesn't belong. :)

#poverty   #philippinesphotography   #streetphotography   #rustyferguson  

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My Last Two Dollars

I was sitting in church on a Saturday night, it wasn’t long after a spiritual rebirth back in about 1993.  Back then it was a new experiment for churches. We didn’t have choir, we had a rock band
that play a little blues too.  

It was a hard period in my life.

I was making very good money but my ex-wife was getting 30%, the government was taking about the same and I was broke with a broken heart. It was a few days before Christmas, one of the first
Christmases that I would spend alone.

I had two bucks in my pocket. That’s all the money I had for the next week. I wasn’t feeling all that chipper. The donation time came and as it passed by, I thought to myself “This two dollars isn’t going to do me a lot of good”. So, I put it in the plate as it came around.

When I returned home, someone I hadn’t seen in a couple of years was there. A guy more eccentric than myself. His name is Jim. Smart guy but always one step out of time.

I was surprised to see him. He was standing at my door waiting. As I walked up, he put some money in money in my shirt pocket. Jim, who I hadn’t seen in all this time had just gave me $200.

That’s a short story that I know well but still amazes me. But there’s more. This happened a couple of money times.

One morning, I was walking my awesome cocker spaniel named Bandit. It was about 5am, dark and raining bit. He loved his walks. I looked down on the ground and saw a single $100 bill. I picked it up and thought to myself, where there is one, there might be more. So I turned around and there was another one.

It was still a difficult time but I was not desperate at the moment. When I got home, I put the $200 away. I suspected I would need it soon. About a week later, my hard drive died. It was a PC I had put together from parts that friends had given me. No hope of buying a new hard drive then, I remember the $200 I had found. I found a hard drive that cost me $199 including tax and shipping.

A couple of years later, I wasn’t as alone then. It was still a lonely time but things had improved some. I had a female friend that lived in Jackson.

Once again, I found a time when I had completely run out of money. I was still in court, battling my ex-wife. This went on for 10 years. I don’t remember why I had run out of money. Quite possibly, I had given it to my attorney. I don’t know. I was completely out of money and I had been worrying myself into a crazed state. 

Then I decided, I will be okay. I will get through this. I found peace and relaxed. 

Judy drove up from Jackson, Ms. to see me. She didn’t stay long, in fact, I think it was the last time I ever saw her. I hadn’t told her of my problems. She knew each week was a struggle. She had a whole hoard of problems of her own. For a while she had no place to turn and she had stayed with me for a bit.

As we talked, she put some money in my front pocket. I didn’t even look to see how much it was. I just smiled and probably thanked her. I don’t recall. After she left, I discovered that Judy had put $200 in my front pocket.

Three times, a leap of faith and three times I was taken care of. Make of it what you will but I find it pretty amazing myself.  What do you think?

#inspirational   #faith   #hope   #love  

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How do Filipinos respond to a disaster? Well several but a party is one of the best way. Some song, a barbeque and perhaps some Red Horse or Tanduay. Some fairly good alcohol. Red Horse is a stronger beer and two will give me an excellent buzz and cheaply. Less than a dollar each.

This is on the second day after Typhoon Yolanda smashed into and ripped Bogo City all apart. Perfect time for a BBQ and the folks in the compound had one right on the driveway. We had no electricity, most people cook with gas so they could still do that.  

I hope this isn't a boring picture because I really like. It is one of the memorable moments during 2013.

#philippinesphotography   #filipinoculture   #typhoonhaiyan  

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This is one of those "Only in the Philippines"" moments I think. I'm in a hotel and there are six to eight roosters in boxes in the lobby. I should take my phone down and record them. LOL I've seen roosters on buses and ferries before.  This is the first time I have them calling to me in a hotel!

Might be a big cock fight somewhere in the city. I don't know. They sure are proud of themselves and I don't think they are headed to be on the menu.


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Ripples of Love, Rebuilding the Philippines with +Habitat for Humanity HFH

I just got an email from HFH. Though I was getting ready to try a campaign for refugee children from Syria, I was too sick to launch when planned.

As I've tried to tell people there is till much need here.  This is an except from Habitat for Humanity email:

Thank you again for your faithful support!  Your commitment to help rebuild the lives of the families who were displaced by Super Typhoon Yolanda inspires me and my coworkers.  Because of you, Habitat has been able so far to repair 22,000 damaged homes and to start constructing the first 1,000 of the 30,000 houses it aims to construct for the Yolanda survivors.

I'm writing to you right now -- exactly six months after the tragedy -- in behalf of the Yolanda survivors.  Most of the displaced families are still living in makeshift houses, tents, and evacuation centers.  They are currently enduring a hot summer but soon it will be replaced by the country's often very wet season.  I urge you, therefore, to help us remind others about them.

You may help them again by reactivating your Give2Habitat donation page. 
So I feel I should run at least a short campaign for them. Not yet, it will come soon though.

#rebuildthephilippines   #typhoonhaiyan  

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Over 8,000 have used our tool to tell the FCC to keep the Internet a place where creativity and innovation thrive.

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This software will rock you're pictures. :)

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This is a picture of a Filipino family that had been displaced by typhoon Haiyan. I took this picture on the streets of Cebu City. I liked the young woman who was a bit shy and perhaps a little interested as well. :P 

They have their belongings in sacks and were on their way to a new home someplace other than Leyte.

I've published this photo before but it has been reprocessed since then is one of my pictures from the important moments in 2013.
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