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We Are Just Beginning
Well, it's been a while! Almost an entire year, and it has been a year .  In January 2016, in front of our family and closest friends, James asked me to be his wife (insert so many emotions and tears of joy). I don't think I can give the right or needed wor...

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There are two ways this post could go, in my mind. I could tell you all about how life's changed, how fast everything seems to be flying by, and how I wish that I could slow it down, really breathe it all in. Or, I could ramble on about new year's resolutio...

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Seeking Truth
The beginning of summer flew by, and with the beginning of my senior year a little over a month away, the changes that have come since January and the end of the school year have been on my mind quite frequently. Reigniting immense gratitude for those aroun...

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Those Summer Nights
The summer months are finally here in Kansas City, but of course, in true Midwest style, the weather hasn't quite got the message that it's the middle of June. Rain and clouds seem to be this month's norm, which has been perfect for post-shift snoozes and s...

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Delving Into the Beauty That Is Change
Spending time going through this blog has brought up so many nostalgic thoughts and romantic notions about the past. It has also reminded me of the fervor that I once spoke with. Revelations, renewed faith and inexplicable joy radiated from my soul, overflo...

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