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Bob Humboldt
Bob Waldron: Community Technology Evangelist, Biorefinery Advocate, and Chemical Engineer -- arcatabob [att] gmail {dot} com
Bob Waldron: Community Technology Evangelist, Biorefinery Advocate, and Chemical Engineer -- arcatabob [att] gmail {dot} com

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Ardusat Update: 2014/15 High School Students Working With Live Arduinos In Space
This is an update on the Ardusat program which was mentioned in a July post, " Sky's Not The Limit For Arduinos In Space ." Ardusat (from Kickstarter) In an August 27 press release , Ardusat announced that their 'Arduino satellites' program is now available...

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MCU Music: Home Multi-zone Arduino Audio
Members of the Humboldt Microcontrollers Group have a more than average interest in microcontrollers (MCUs) and music, e.g. the Humboldt Laser Harp (HLH) and Raspberry Pi music systems. We've got the proof-of-concept HLH working, but we need to take the nex...

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Daemon's Car(duino) Tracker
Daemon by Daniel Suarez is an excellent book for most people who are interested in microcontrollers (MCUs), and I'm currently in the middle of re-reading it. The MCU project in today's post, OpenTracker v2, is something that would have been right at home in...

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Arc-Controller Motor Shield: More Power!!
The August 21 article " Arduino Motor Shield, Arc-Controller Launched By Arc Robotics " gave me a good reason to do a little research on microcontroller (MCU) motor control and motor shields. Arc-Controller motor shield The article covers the Arc-Controller...

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So I read an article today about a new, very-small, Arduino-compatible MCU development board with a recently launched Kickstarter campaign. Tonight's post looks at this new board, called the mini Duino+, and the topic of other compact Arduino-compatible boa...

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Samsung Smart Bike: MCUs For Your Bike
Bikes present a wide range of opportunities to use microcontrollers to improve your riding or at least give you a new experience. This posts briefly looks at a few of those opportunities. Samsung Smart Bike Tonight's collection of bike related MCU projects ...

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An I/O Source For Platforms That Don’t Have One
[Today's post is by Nick Appelmans, a member of the Humboldt Microcontrollers Group] Many times I comment that we have more processing power in our phones than the astronauts who traveled to the moon had at their disposal. Often, I follow this up with some ...

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Makeblock -- YAAR!!
No, Makeblock is not a pirate microcontroller -- it's yet another Arduino robot. Makeblock Gold starter kit The August 13 Tech In Asia article " This Chinese startup lets kids easily make and program their own robots " is sort of an update of one of the Ard...

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Make Your Arduino Go Fast: A Modern Go-kart
Electric Arduino Go-kart (from Instructables) As the Hackaday post " Electric Go-Cart Has Arduino Brains " says, most modern vehicles have lots of their functions controlled by computers (or microcontrollers / MCUs). The 2014 go-kart that's the subject of t...

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Using Arduino For Mind Control
This isn't a post about using a microcontroller (MCU) to control someone's mind -- it's a post about how to use an Arduino device that lets you use your brainwaves to manipulate inanimate objects. OpenBCI prototype called "Frankenboard" Here's how the Augus...
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