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Helpful tips to compose your model...
Understand that being photogenic refers to the ability of appearing very attractive in photos.

It is important to grasp that being naturally beautiful or striking does not necessarily translate to being photogenic in photos. Being photogenic is about awareness of how to put your best self forward, and knowing how to express your charisma for the camera.

These are learned techniques, including applying your knowledge of the best backgrounds, lighting, and positioning for a good photo. 

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Good tips for Google calendar management:

Whether you're a scatterhead blonde or the best timekeeper ever, there are some great shortcuts and advice in this article!

#Calendar   #Googletips   #Business  

The 500 comment system on Google+ is a strange... At least it prevents old threads from being bumped. It also makes people race to comment. You'll see posts which say "FIRST" as well as the 500th saying "LAST!" I like it and I don't like it. My Chinese friend would say, "Mamahuhu" (horse horse carriage carriage)

NFC will enable a whole paradigm of proximity-enabled devices. As more and more buildings across the state are focusing on energy conservation, buildings will be split apart into multiple zones. I can see how phones in our pocket can serve to 'trigger' those zones. Someone walking into a room can automatically trigger light switches to the proper brightness, trigger heating and air, open or close motorized shades, and even cause extra information about the room to appear on screen. Call me a dreamer but I can see it happening soon.
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