What I would consider rather deliberate deception on a commercial scale is in full swing. Printed tabloids have long been known to print spurious UFO sightings and tall tales of abductions and alien interactions with hapless humans. In a sense this is nothing new.

In this age, printed tabloids have come out of the seedy alleys and have migrated to the internet - quietly disguising themselves as real news, real streaming information. These psuedo-news sites are feeding so called "news" to the Google news feed where millions of people visit daily.

One tabloid in particular in the UK is now promoting on a continuous basis a notorious charlatan with a noticeable speech impediment going by the YouTube moniker Secureteam 10 who puts out fake UFO videos as fast as he can.

This could be written off as a harmless attempt by a tabloid to garner more hits with salacious eye candy, however I don't think it is as innocent as this. We must consider that such publications will NEVER be discreet publishers of authentic UFO-ET material and likely avoid publishing constructive information.

At this point I'm guessing that these uncontrolled geysers of lies and trickery have so muddied the internet waters that the average reader no longer knows how to discern what is real and what is deception and I'm assuming we will need verifiable material that is on an entirely new level of impeccable in order to move forward and confirm something extra-dimensional is penetrating the Planet of the Apes.

Agent D
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