UFO Skeptics

On average Agent K and I look over about 100 UFO related internet stories per week between us. We have been doing this for over a decade now 24/7 non-stop. Public comments for any internet article have evolved into a seething pool of petty squabbles, knee-jerk commentary and public flatulence. I do however, continue to dumpster dive into the comments sections in search of the one, rare comment that points out the obvious and might save me some time in understanding what I am reading or seeing in a UFO article or video.

In this pursuit I have discovered a sub-culture to the Idiocracy that repeats itself in almost every comment on every UFO article by every skeptic. in 99.99% of the comments the tone of the skeptic is aggressive and insulting toward the author of a pro-UFO article and or those who believe in ETs and their elusive craft. There is always anger and resentment and a slur or personal attack hurled from the skeptic. It could be said that some UFO believers are aggressive in online arguments, however I believe in these cases it is a secondary reaction and reflects a frustration on the part of the UFO believer.

In the case of the UFO skeptic there is a commonality, a repeating and evident phenomenon visible to those who look closely enough over a stretch of time. Always angry that any one should even suggest there is alien life followed by a derogatory attack or slur against UFO researchers and enthusiasts. As an example, an article in the UK tabloid The Guardian wrote on UFO promotion in elementary school. One of the comments read:

"OK kids - UFOs don't exist. Nutjobs do exist. Any questions? Good, next topic."

This is a typical skeptic comment so lets put the specimen on the table and dissect it. It begins with a cocky and arrogant intro declaration in which they're absolutely 100 percent sure UFOs and ETs don't exist*. Next we have the attack and slur. Anyone who believes in UFO's or ET's is a "Nutjob" or fringe element and outside of the lumbering human consensus. The comment ends on a snarky, cocky tone suggesting that it was ridiculous to even consider or talk about UFOs and everyone needs to move along and never talk about the subject again.

The above regurgitation is a great specimen, variations of it can be found in the comment sections of hundreds of thousands of UFO articles, videos and links. Why does the notion of UFOs anger skeptics so greatly? Why are they seething with resentment and anger at those around them who believe in ETs and UFOs? My ongoing theory is that UFOs represent the arrival of advanced and spiritual ETs and this is a threat to hateful, macho meat heads who have ingested so much anti-social brainwashing and are so addicted to the greedy, animal oriented, elitist 'survival of the fittest' pyramid scheme they cannot possibly imagine a reality in which they have to respect other beings who have different beliefs, orientations, skin color, intelligence and potential and fundamental rights. In short, hate and aggression is the default algorithm for Planet of the Apes at this time and they simply don't want to share power. At a subconscious level, skeptics are not ready - not ready for the overwhelming paradigm shift ET contact embodies. We should also address a novel variation of the UFO troll - pseudo skeptics who want to believe in ETs and inter dimensional craft but are so frustrated by the lack of tangible, physical evidence they lash out at UFO enthusiasts in the false belief that a public tantrum will somehow force ETs to present themselves outright, thus offering low hanging fruit to the low imagination.

Contrary to angry, insulting, seething comments from UFO skeptics, I have noticed that the majority of comments from UFO researchers and enthusiast stay on civilized ground. There are some hot-headed comments from UFO believers, of course - but more than half of the comments from UFO enthusiasts are positive and forward thinking. Skeptics seem to be vibrating in a common mind field of anger and resentment, a negative and dangerous frame of mind that seems to be the default state of the uneducated and inexperienced.

Agent D

(* No one can prove UFOs do NOT exist, it is an impossible task. Therefore we are left with an open question. Since there is a question as to whether UFO's exist, study and debate needs to follow. The skeptic wants to illogically and idiotically suggest that somehow, through some magic "they know" 100 percent UFOs do not exist. This is so illogical and faulty it is breathtaking. Because their position is absurd and they know it on a sub-conscious level they follow up with an attack, chest beating and throwing insults and slurs.)
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