The strange case of the BBC signal hijacking in 1977 with a message claiming to be from an Ashtar Command. The message itself seems profound and genuine - the voice and background droning sound very 1970's in motif. However, it is now quite well known that the Visitors are experts at leaving any interjection of our reality dangling on a middle thread between belief and disbelief - balanced so finely the acceptance of any event will effortlessly fall to belief or disbelief in the mind of each witness depending upon their current belief system. It could well be that with this BBC interuption, the message is real and originated from out there but was purposely spoken in a British accent with a very human sounding special effect droning placed in the background. One must admit that no matter how many times you watch the video, it is indeed difficult to determine if it is real or a hoax. I personally am also left confused because it sounds so cheesy but the message gives me the chills. It is a very strange event even if human in nature and the message is extremely compelling for 1977. The message in fact seems to be even more impressive today considering we know so much more about the Visitors around us. AD´╗┐
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