2016 promises to be a MASSIVE year for planet Earth. By now it is surely no secret that UFOs are real and ET Visitors are right here, right now. There is simply too much smoke for there not to be an amber of heat. As we have said before, when it comes to a possible after-life dimension and UFOs and ETs - even a microgram of actual global proof will have such quantum power it will punch Earth and everyone on board into another realm of reality, almost instantly. Skeptics are those of us who have snapped into a sort of default mindset in order to protect the mind and more specifically the fragile human ego. Not ego in power but ego as in identification. This is not snobbery or judgement, it is simply how it is. A universal scale event is upon us and it will impact with various humans in random states of existence and states of mind. 

The Grand Cru of 'proof' of alien visitation to date has been The Phoenix Lights UFO Sighting. I think this event is in fact, so smoking hot and authentic, skeptics and secret factions steer clear, knowing that to even look at this event induces personal trans-dimensional energy with an Earth vector. The EIRM has indicated a high possibility that 2016 will include a second YahYel mass UFO sighting on the scale of the Phoenix Lights Event, perhaps greater. Further more intriguing, this second Yahyel UFO fly by could attain traction and penetrate further into global communication threads and attain greater global recognition. Remember we are dealing with thresholds. What happens when a threshold is crossed will likely be profound beyond what we have known so far as humans. I am personally of the belief that a compression wave which precedes a Universal-level event will be present and this multi-dimensional compression wave will present itself as non-linear events, encounters and seemingly inexplicable human reactions and will increase in intensity and weirdness as we approach threshold level events.  As many UFO-ET-CONTACT luminaries have clearly stated over the past few years - avoid fear based thoughts - don't allow fear to be injected into your holographic programming. 

These grand UFO ET events are almost always followed by some degree of highly intelligent debunking. Not your average debunking, but well crafted crap that is layered and non-linear. In some cases it is likely not deliberate or necessarily malicious - in other cases it is likely stemming from the subconscious, mass ego safety mechanism I mention above with a pinch of greed and anger. I believe people are angry physical, tangible proof is not readily available and after reading decades of obnoxious emails and comments on ET and UFO postings, I can only assume they are reacting in a child-like manner that demands proof or else.

Here is a dropping of "else". This has to be the lowest, award winning soul-less piece of foulness to ever ooze out of the mass collective sewer. To latch upon this enigmatic UFO event, twist it around into a dumb, war-like B movie sets a new bar for depravity and "else". Is there more to this greedy film script, some deliberate ploy? Possibly, but in the grand scheme it is irrelevant. The levy has broke and everything is in full swing. It is frustrating to see well-funded films and powerful corporate media muddying the UFO-ET waters, but the Yin-Yang forces of the fractal-infinite-universe are perfectly balanced - to such a degree individuals will now likely experience their own hyper-idiosyncratic version of Universal-ET contact. This is possible because our reality is driven by a holographic hyper-fractal with instant, infinite data that can present to YOU any version of reality you fixate upon. 

Agent D
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