Anyone following Stan Romanek's story will likely be familiar with the infamous Peter Maxwell podcast in which Stan appears to be making objects fly around the room and acting idiotic in general. Researchers and skeptics alike were in agreement, something fishy was going on. I watched the video twice and thought about Stan and his motives and at the time came to the conclusion that he was likely under threat to discredit himself "or else". I've been saying for years, there is eyewitness testimony from others that strange things happen around Stan, it's not so simple and you cannot toss out Stan to the rubbish bin so easily. There is a TV news video of UFOs buzzing around Stan as he is talking during a live interview - inexplicable material is out there if you dig. Of course, there is also the infamous Maxwell video, so what is going on? 

Google Stan Romanek, and you'll get a thousand pages of skeptics rattling on about how Stan is a hoaxer and they'll bring up the Peter Maxwell show to prove it. Now, this is an interesting development because Peter Maxwell, being a very good UFO investigator, it would seem, has gone out of his way to personally meet Stan in his home to get to the bottom of what happened during their interview. Peter has stated here in this video, he himself has seen strange phenomenon in the presence of Stan and Lisa Romanek. Stan confesses to Peter and explains the rationale behind his behavior. People will be left thinking either Stan is full of it, or someone is seriously out to destroy Stan in a big way. Someone is certainly after him for real, Stan is facing felony charges - that is a real and clear threat. Is this prosecution a MILAB invention and Stan is so deep into ET and UFO contact they are desperate to shut him down - or is Stan a superior performance artist who keeps up the charade even when facing prison? Either scenario is simply breathtaking in its execution. 

I'm following several dark cases and I know MILAB is far scarier and powerful than people care to realize. These breakaway groups do not want to be at the bottom of our seething human society pyramid scheme and will do anything to remain in authority - so this type of smoke and mirrors attack on Stan would not be shocking to me - these guys are in it to win, at any cost.

I'm remaining open minded to Stan's story and following along because of the third party evidence from the past that supports Romanek's claims. I think the fact this case keeps morphing and cannot be pinned down, in itself bolster the suspicion there is more than meets the eye going on here and also consider that Stan's wife Lisa has not left him or divorced him following the porn allegations, which suggest those close to Stan do not buy into the charges. 

This whole Stan Romanek situation is far more dark and complex than it seems and I would not be surprised if it is a layered, complex MILAB experiment to see if information and disinformation can be put out simultaneously, perhaps using forward looking AI tech as Corey Goode describes, to manipulate and confuse the general population thus discrediting contactees and finally charging them with a crime such a child porn as a veiled threat to the abductee and research community as a whole, to say "you could be next". As I said before in a previous report a "child porn" allegation is instant death, its an injection of lethal slow killing radiation. You NEVER come back from a child porn allegation, even if your 101 percent innocent. You will forever be known as the guy "charged' with child porn, a conviction is not necessary to ruin a life, just the charge. Think about that for a while. Let us also ponder the new revelations coming in now that the prosecutor in Stan's case is under investigation for committing a felony in making false testimony regarding evidence. 

Agent D
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