This is a message we will be repeating throughout 2016:

Object Report Operatives should be alert to the possibility of subtle and deceptive spins on ET-UFO disclosure. As some form of collective awareness of our Galactic neighbors begins to take on serious mass, it is highly likely that people involved in organizations that have dedicated themselves to secrecy will sense they no longer have useful control over UFO-ET secrecy and will simultaneously accept they will be dangerously exposed once the momentum toward truth begins full swing. This would result in a potentially dangerous counter reaction on their part.

It is anticipated that such organizations fearing for their freedom and livelihood will internally acknowledge the dam has burst, but will make a last ditch attempt to SPIN the UFO-ET-TECHNOLOGY information in such a way that ordinary citizens are momentarily distracted and thus look away from the dark activity these powerful people have engaged in for decades. That alone might pass in a benign fashion, however they will also attempt to spin or distort the information dispersal in such a manner that the general population is kept fearful. FEAR is their greatest tool and coupled with adrenaline fueled confusion would be highly distracting to the average citizen.

In such a scenario it will be critical for the wiser and more advanced minds in society to detach and decline this reality path (that means YOU). A great deal will be in flux in the matrix and those of us who are sick and tired of the past modality must be wise to this predictable behavior.

I sense that this deception has already begun and disclosure is in the air as more and more media sites are promoting the idea of a Clinton or some other high level official influencing disclosure. All of this is a subtle distraction to keep our minds focused on the notion that humans are responsible for disclosure, that we should be grateful and honored that our dear masters are throwing us a chicken bone of disclosure with a little meat still dangling on it. Closer to the truth would be the notion that the larger galactic community itself is pressing in on our limited world, creating fissures and holes and each person will enter this new dimensional expansion in their own way. Galactic awareness should be a pure and idiosyncratic unfolding.

A more conducive and kinder reality is coming for those who want it - it's a done deal, however we must work together in this mental space to avoid delays and deviate away from dangerous tantrums from the old guard as they lose their toys and have to share. The Object Report will be walking a fine line from this point forward. We will simultaneously be reporting on the uncovering of global and galactic level fraud and this aspect should be looked upon as more of a conclusion or final chapter than furthering conspiracy theory. Simultaneously the agents will be furiously and shamelessly promoting extra-dimensional messages and higher galactic thinking with a focus on positive and ecstatic ET-Human relations.

Agent D
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