Peter Slattery has posted a link on this page on his website which leads to information and updates on Stan Romanek. A lot of folks think Stan Romanek made up his experiences but either way I find the Romanek story fascinating. Stan is telling the truth and has had the most well documented encounters with ETs and UFOs ever or Stan made it all up and is the best UFO ET hoaxer of all time.

Either way it is very impressive and a story worthy of following to its conclusion. There are so many twists, turns and contradictions in Stan's story that I simply cannot stop following the saga until I get to the bottom of it and I get the feeling Peter Slattery is not going to stop either. As things stand right now, the evidence actually leans toward Stan being the real deal, as we have many eye witnesses who have seen UFO's in proximity to Stan Romanek and a handful who have witnessed strange events near Stan.

I would personally go even further and say that these federal charges against Stan likely are curious, indirect proof that Stan is the real deal considering how devastating such accusations are and this would be a typical M.O. of the alphabet soup gang when they need to utterly destroy a target and we all know by now there are powers with unlimited resources that will do anything and everything to keep the lid on the UFO secrecy.

Apologies for the multiple links needed to click to the actual story, but we strive to give credit to the link we come across first...

Agent D
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