Each time I watch a new video or read a new article on the Phoenix Lights I learn something new. This is a vast and complex event and the minute details are still coming forth even to this day. Like any significant historical event - the passing of time is a major component when determining the size and quality of the body of evidence at any given moment, and this case is yielding a lot of fruit as time goes by.

I consider it the biggest UFO/ET event to date in human history, so get well comfortable with the idea of me harping on about this case at length until something even bigger goes down. I have just posted on The Object Report as the headline, a fantastic forensic animation of an eye witness to one of the UFOs over Arizona. This particular craft in the video resolved some confusion I had over the configuration of the lights as seen in the famous video of the lights turning on over the city. (see the image below)

The lights in the famous video appear to be aligned in a soft, curved path - not aligned straight or angular as they would be on a V-shaped craft. The two most recognizable, historic images are the V-shaped drawing made by one eyewitness and of course the video of the lights over the city. The soft, curved or crescent-shaped alignment of the lights in the Phoenix video were not consistent with a V-shaped craft drawing and perhaps this caused problems for other people as well. I had always assumed the lights in the Phoenix video were that of a V-shaped craft. The lights in the Phoenix video follow the leading edge contour of a craft that is more boomerang-shaped, versus the other craft sighted that night which had ruler straight edges in a delta formation. When it comes to sparse evidence and seething skepticism - the Devil is in the details, and I am relieved to see this small detail explained so clearly and so beautifully in the Prescott Eyewitness video. 

Now with this new video from the Prescott witness, we have an explanation. There were several, very large craft of varying configurations. Some V-shaped, the crescent-shaped or boomerang craft, some triangles, orbs and pods. In fact, this was a fleet of ET craft and the imagery library forming from all of the eye witness testimony indicates just how huge of an event this truly was. What is particularly satisfying for us UFO groupies when it comes to the Phoenix Lights, is the subtle fact - the event is simply NOT going away. People try to debunk it and dismiss it, but it is not fading over time and the more we learn about that evening in Phoenix Arizona, the more details spill out. Over time, what really happened is becoming more clear. 

The most exciting aspect of the Phoenix Lights is the notion that if an ET fleet came once and put on such a big show, they are likely to come and do it again. Are we in store for another massive UFO fly over? The rumors in the wind are yes, indeed we are.

Agent D
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