A rare video of Eisenhower speaking about President Kennedy's assassination. What makes this interesting? Eisenhower seems a bit rambling here. He speaks in well-formed packets, careful packets and he was a brilliant military commander so it is interesting that as he progresses with this interview his somewhat philosophical views on politics and national security swing from mundane points to hypothetical sound bites. I'm half expecting him to be blinking his eyes in Morse code telling us "_ _ . _ ... _ ... .._ _ .. . killed Kennedy_ . _ ... _ ... .._ _ .. "

Eisenhower has in common with Kennedy the mystery of a President pushing back against the global control mechanism. Eisenhower stepped up to the plate and delivered his famous "military-industrial-complex" speech. Many speculate that President Kennedy shared this suspicion of an international cabal and was assassinated after attempting to use his position to investigate further (or so the theory goes). 

It is interesting in this rare video that we have a Eisenhower speaking about Kennedy and in this delivery there seems to be something in Eisenhower's eyes, something suggesting we should read between the lines. 

Why do we care about the assassination of Kennedy so much? I suspect it is because Kennedy's death represented the first crack in the wholesome American fantasy. The moment the human collective began pondering on a shadowy, powerful elite pulling strings and rigging the system, and once again the man who kicked off this paranoia was President Eisenhower. 

Somethin' to chew on....

Agent D
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