We are receiving significant trance information from our galactic neighbors, family if you will, who exist in an advanced state and certainly posses ultra advanced technology - communicating to the masses of Earth through a trance human would be child's play to them - and here it is. Don't be a goof and dismiss this transmission because of a misguided concept that aliens will possess current Earth level technology and act and communicate as we do. The Visitors can speak through a human who is in a trance state - I remind you I had a small taste of this myself with a random, spontaneous remote viewing incident several years ago. What we are witnessing in the surge of YouTube trance communications is real, as impossible as it may seem. Many people are expecting ET contact to be a dramatic and complex incident or involve secret governments when the truth is right under our noses - the meet and greet is going down right now.

The human inability to perceive hyper-technology, hyper-dimensional interactions does not need to be your failing as well, break away from the broken record holographic loop. Try not to get stuck on the messenger, focus on the actual data in the message and I would suggest not looking and simply listening to the audio if you are struggling to digest it all...

Agent D
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