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I have begun watching 'Utopia' (mehhh) on NETFLIX. In the pilot, two young eye-witnesses to a controversial diary are hunted down and accused of 1) rape of a child and 2) distribution of child pornography in an effort to shut down any further inquiries from the two researchers. I have said before, if you want to instantly ruin someone's reputation or stop them utterly there is a method more effective than killing them. That is to accuse them of child pornography and the writers of Utopia seem to agree with this as well. Accuse someone of child porn and you not only ruin the person, you destroy any past work or associations as well. Seeing this episode reminded me of Stan Romanek's 2014 charges. 

I have been following the on-going drama surrounding Stan Romanek here and there when something pops up. Trials move slowly, and as such the Romanek UFO momentum has completely come to a halt, nobody is touching Stan with a ten foot pole and he has understandably dropped off the radar. A legal force field of sorts has been erected around Stan and this is prohibitive and intimidating for any researchers or writers interested in Stan's ongoing story. Most people are quick to dismiss Stan as a fraud, but as I have been saying for years, I was loosely in e-mail contact with Stan after the famous "Boo" video created a media storm. I witnessed an assortment of dubious activity around Stan and the Boo video - people were posting fake versions and fake pics of the alien in the window to YouTube and all over the internet. To this day the wrong alien face is associated with the Stan Romanek video. I spent some time analyzing Boo and the alien in the cellphone picture and made a composite image of Boo based upon 4 pictures and determined that the alien in the window and on the cellphone and in the doorway were likely the same small Gray type being. I had an interesting exchange with Stan about this rendering and then BAM!!... the charges were publicized and I never heard from Stan again. People are also quick to point out that Stan has confessed to faking activity during an interview. Most folks will be satisfied with this confession, turn their backs and forever dismiss Stan. I ask "could Stan be more perfectly ruined"? Is it not just ever so slightly curious that at the height of the Stan Romanek saga, the charges come along?  We saw the same scenario with Julian Assange and Wikileaks, btw. Edward Snowden likewise became the political focus after he spilled secrets of the NSA. Instead of a spot light on illegal spying and blatant lies from the US Gov, the focus quickly became Snowden the traitor. The M.O. of the S.O.B.s is one of "kill the messenger" or better yet "smear the messenger". The timing and outcome of all of this legal maneuvering smells fishy to me and I'm not convinced things are as they appear to be. I can't think of one UFO/ET whistle blower that hasn't encountered significant public ridicule and accusations.  

But could Stan be completely innocent? Technically, he did quickly come forward to admit he staged activity during the infamous flying office supplies podcast, so Stan is no longer harboring secrets on this event. With any good black ops smear campaign, I would expect a second bullet just to make sure the target is dead. I am still hold to the premise that Stan was acting impulsively due to the implications and gravity of the charges against him - attempting to convince his foes that he would be willing to flip and play dumb. It seems Stan's admission to faking was this second security bullet and that Stan himself made the admission seems icing on the cake. If Stan is completely innocent then what about the ETs that were so active around Stan? What is their role in this? If we were just talking about shadowy ETs I could bite into a scenario that a faction of negative ETs set Stan up for some elaborate MIB type reason. However, Stan reported CE4 interaction with hybrid beings, adults and children. It does not seem reasonable to connect children with Stan's demise, so we have to wonder why the ETs were so very intimate with Stan, and this seems to be a very very rare scenario where one ordinary family has such extensive conscious activity with ETs. I can handle the idea of MILAB ruining people, but I have a hard time with the notion of benevolent ETs allowing harm to come Stan's way. I simply don't believe they would. With their ultra-advanced technology surely the ETs would have seen this trouble coming. Could this have been some sort of critical disclosure-contact test or a dry run of sorts? Would ET's leave Stan out to dry like this with such a simulation? I doubt it. 

At the moment this is a real brain pretzel. I am simply stumped. Thinking outside the box, Lisa Romanek seems to be 101 percent behind her husband and she is no dummy, so as I said before there absolutely was NOT anything glaringly obvious with Stan based upon Lisa's reaction. She didn't open up a closet and have a pile of child porn fall upon her head. Personally I think the whole idea of destroying a human being because some "data" was found on a personal computer is retarded, and draconian. This is like cruising down the highway in a rental car and being pulled over by a state trooper who then finds a kilo of cocaine under the spare tire. We all know hackers can get into a PC, so the "Porn on a PC" nonsense doesn't fly with me. If I get busted for something so grave, somebody better be kicking the door in - finding Agent D with his powdered face in pile of coke like the final scene from Scarface, otherwise it's weak circumstantial bullshit in my book. Remember people:  you do not come back from child porn accusations. Even If you are found 101 percent innocent in court, people will ALWAYS remember you as the guy who was charged with child porn. In fact, I think it is criminal to make public, to allow such charges to be spoken in public, knowing people's lives will be ruined the instant the charges are announced. It is wreckless and soulless but this is a society based upon hate, war and revenge. "The right to a fair trial", what a joke. You do not have any rights and there will be no fairness, anyone who keeps up with reality knows this. 

What about the people who believe in Stan Romanek - where are they? There must be more people other than Lisa Romanek who can vouch for Stan. I have tried to do so via this website but of course I am anonymous. I'm not attempting to declare that Stan is 100 percent innocent, obviously I do not know all of the facts, but I am suspicious of these charges based upon the timing and history of Stan, as has been stated previously by TOR. I would like for readers of this blog to consider the suspicious timing of Stan's charges and I would like for people to realize the irreversible personal harm that is inflicted upon a person's reputation and quality of life when the US Gov accuses someone of such charges. Let us also not forget a small anomaly that has surfaced recently. Detective Brian Koopman who led the Loveland investigation into Romanek has recently himself been investigated for falsifying evidence in another criminal investigation. 

Even if Stan were absolutely, without a doubt, guilty of the charges, I would still want to know what went on and what is going on with all of the supposed UFO activity. There were just too many strange videos, too many eye witnesses and Stan had too many subtle ET details absolutely nailed down to be a simple, amateur hoaxer. This is a story that cannot be allowed to just fade away, someone needs to get to the bottom of this and we will get to the bottom of this one way or the other. AD
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