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"Most tough situations can be solved with a simple change of perspective"
"Most tough situations can be solved with a simple change of perspective"

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Google's mobile friendly algorithm as a search ranking factor: what you need to know

♨  April 21 is the deadline Google set for the webmasters to get mobile ready.

"Take out your phone, look up your web site. See if there is a gray mobile friendly label in your description snippet. If it is in the search results, if you see it, that means that Google understands that your site is mobile friendly and if you don’t see it then we don’t see that your site is mobile friendly or your is not mobile friendly."

♨  Google's mobile friendly ranking algorithm will "take a few days to roll out, like maybe a week or so."

♨  The mobile friendly ranking algorithm will affect mobile searches in ALL languages worldwide and 'will have a significant impact in our search results.' according to Google

♨  It'll have a bigger impact on the search results than Penguin and Panda did.  

♨  It is a yes or no algorithm (either you are mobile friendly or not) - no 'degrees' of mobile friendliness.

♨  The mobile friendly ranking algorithm will not have any impact on the desktop search whatsoever.

♨  Responsive design works well, but it's not the only way to be mobile friendly.

♨  Your site must unblock CSS & javascript to pass mobile friendly test.

♨   All pages must be mobile friendly for your site to be considered mobile friendly.

Clarification of the last point from +Mark Traphagen: The 'mobile friendly' designation is site wide. The ranking boost or demotion will be page by page. 

Does your site pass the Mobile-Friendly Test?

Take it here:

Mobile Friendly algorithm RESOURCES:

Google's 4-part live series: Basics of a mobile website for SMBs
→ 1.
→ 2.
→ 3.
→ 4.

Google's Q&A session for mobile-friendly ranking change

Special thanks to +Barry Schwartz +Jennifer Slegg for keeping up with the changes!


I am planning on keeping this post continuously updated as mobile friendly algorithm news/notes/clarifications come out. 

If you have anything to add, let me know in comments.

I am also planning on offering Traffic Generation Café Wordpress theme, which is completely mobile responsive (among other great features), for sale in the near future.

So if your site runs on Wordpress and you need an easy solution to your site mobile unfriendliness, this might be it.

Stay tuned!


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You're going to want to be here! Come join us! 
Prices go up TONIGHT for our 2nd annual MnSearch Summit! Excellent keynotes coming your way. Save at least 50% by securing your ticket before midnight! 

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Give it a go, search peeps! I got 66% on my first try, which isn't as bad as I anticipated. Looking forward to a second try over lunch! 

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Hey Moms and Kids: Shhh! We need your help celebrating Father's Day. Send a covert video of Dad being awesome to #TheOther364

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I’ve just dedicated a frame from Disney’s BLANK with Google Play to someone special. Send your own, and watch the movie in full: #blankandbow +Disney +GooglePlay

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Loving this deep dive into online marketing salaries. Hoping to see the ladies continue to enter the industry! Thanks for the great insights +Cyrus Shepard
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