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The Colpexies of Colmers Hill
  With its conical, comical shape and its crown
of nine perching pines Colmers Hill has long been known, since golden,
olden times, As a famous festive place for the faerie
folk: The Little People, The Good Neighbours, The
Shining Ones, The Others… All dres...

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Taking myself for a walk
I never see
another walker When I go
for a walk Except a
walker with a dog - A dog taking
a walker for a walk But I don’t
need a dog When I go
for a walk I can walk
all by myself Without a
four-legged friend, Who lives in
my house, to take me out But like a...

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For Jude
A poem for a departed friend, whom I didn't know that well, but whose
positive actions and attitudes were interlaced within the place where
we shared a home: Rambling around an ancient hill In the thickness of the mist Turned into tears by the dripping of...

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Chiffchaff chiffchaff Sing spring sprung!

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Late January Early Morning
After a seasonal cold snap It's mild, misty and moist again In the old woods: new shoots Tiny, tender and tentative Breaking the morass of mulched leaves Fox-musk scent lingers Along dank, dripping banks Deep in the hidden holloway A little drop of white ap...

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Waes Hael
After the
crap of Christmas is cleared away And shops
are shorn of lurid displays, Now, outside,
on Old Twelfth Night, There’s a
stirring in the trees As merry
music leads us Along the
Old Ways Into the orchard, Flickering
with torchlight, And a
blazing log...

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A Haiku Through The Seasons
January to December 2016, Martin Maudsley January Dark path Beneath bright night sky; Stumbling amongst the stars. New moon of the New Year Brings new inspiration - Following the old ways... February Pale-yellow
primroses Fluorescent, florescent will-o -the...

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Fruit and Folklore
A little late in the season, but this fruity blog was recently published in Leaf! newspaper... Autumn
is a fruitful season. A rummaging ramble along woodland edge or roadside hedge
at this time of year reveals a ripe harvest of both tasty treats and rich fo...

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A nod to the dead...
A wee piece of poetry in praise of the delicious darkness of All Hallows' Eve... A nod to the dead That trod before us A toast to the ghosts That pass through our lives A dance with the devil That tempts us to tango A wink at the witches That bewitch us wit...

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Heralds of Spring
A spring woodland blog that was recently published in Leaf! - a newsletter produced by The Woodland Trust and Common Ground Spring is the season of signs.
From the first twitchings of new life on the forest floor after winter’s
solstice, there’s a successio...
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