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Would-be writer among other things of utmost importance.
Would-be writer among other things of utmost importance.


"Good or Bad? And The Very Ugly!"
     It occurred to me that the new #DnDmovie has the potential to be as fun as The Guardians of the Galaxy.
     Yes, the raccoon in "Guardians" would be tough to top fun-wise, but how about a good add a bit of "Bartimaeus" style mischief to the story? Stealthy, and has personality but not overly powerful so it'll be a big problem if caught. And maybe it's a travelling companion of a good lich? Someone who was made lich against their will or for a good cause? Perhaps s/he struggles with their alignment? Maybe the good lich rescued the good imp from certain death in the nine hells bc of it's differing alignment? Maybe the lich has saved a number of such none-evil beings from death? Maybe this hobby has earned him some enemies with the powers that be in that infernal realm? Maybe. Perhaps the story starts here and becomes epic in scope over a trilogy?
     What if they have to recruit the help of ancient dragon, who bumbles around in the guise of an old vagabond that spends his days feeding songbirds?
     Maybe they also need the wisdom of a Sphinx, who lives in a dangerous magical domain, to confront the antagonist? And an extra-planar eldritch Knight? Someone from a world the antagonist has brought doom to? In any case, the Eldritch Knight is an outsider and has to prove himself in combat against other knights in order to gain their respect. He proves he's good by sparing the life of an opponent, who is a brave knight and much liked leader, or maybe our eldritch knight is forced to kill his opponent, who is convinced our eldritch knight is bad, and the Sphinx, a high level cleric, helps the eldritch knight resurrect the opponent?
     There have to be some really cool locations too. "Guardians..." had that city built in the remains of a massive creature, which would be tough to top, but there are really cool locations in DnD too. The writer would just have to engineer a way to get the adventurers there. :D
     There are tons of things that could be done. I just hope they make it interesting, so it'll appeal to "LOTR" and "The Hobbit" and "GoT" and "Guardians of the Galaxy". No reason why it shouldn't if they get imaginative.

I've decided that my new protagonist is going to be a biological weapon that turns thieving hack-writers into BDSM freaks fixated on being eaten alive, like that guy in Germany a few years back. #suckithackwriters  

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Really fun location. I like how they built in encounter possibilities besides the usual NPC's with nefarious plans.  It's a shame it's a limited adventure.  There must be tons of interesting characters here. 

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On a completely different note...a pdf version of the classic 80's satirical RPG is on sale (Until now only pirated copies were available)

MOVIE IDEA: "The invention of Plagiarism"  a story about a guy who finds himself in a world where mass surveillance is only conducted by people of the utmost professionalism and the Sony leaks never happened and nobody has even considered stealing someone else's ideas. He discovers he has a gift for hacking into other peoples computers though and lucks upon a writer's treasure trove of fun ideas, which he immediately uses to gain the creaive and fun friends he has always lacked in his own life. It's a happy ending for him because everyone refuses to even consider that a theft could be possible. 

REALLY FRUSTRATED. So I spent two and a half years (with a couple breaks) on my first novel. I spent tons of time researching various aspects of the story and spent tons of time coming up with interesting angles for encounters, one of which, a character by the name of Wiegand, is nuts. He's convinced himself that the world is a lie told to him by some unknown being that wants to torture him. Wiegand is a fun encounter in the first book and central antagonist in my second, the novel I'm currently working on, in which Wiegand has his chance to be King-For-A-Day--think World War Z with really scary monsters.  I've put tons of time into this and like I said the other day (in my Bubble Boy note) there is someone on Twitter using the same concept...madman searching for the underpinnings of the part of his character bio. And today I found his FB page, and though I didn't see any posts about "madmen searching for the underpinnings of the world" He had a comic book setup with an evil that wanted to change the world. In sum it feels so close to the stuff I'm working on that I wouldn't be surprised if had been hacked and all my writing files stolen. Ugghhh... Here's the thing...I didn't want to publish until I had the first three novels finished. But now, not only do I feel pressure to publish the story...I also feel like my work has been stolen and that I have to defend my own title to it. I doubt this guy knows me from Adam and doubt he hacked my computer...LOL...but it feels that way. I  generally have a live and let live mentality about writerly situations (It's the only way to have a functioning creative community) but...UGGH...why couldn't he have come along after I finished with this novel? Why did he have come along now while I'm writing the thing. FRUSTRATING.

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#Hmmmm... The title of a story about a guy who is trying to break with a history of questionable choices by seeking answers to lifes big questions from a woman who added him on Twitter only to block him as soon as he added her back.   It's tempting to write this as a comedy, but in the right hands it could be an excellent existential drama. 

So I was over on Twitter the other night, shamelessly pimping an idea I had for a series based in the Dune Universe.  A series called "Bene Gesserit" and centered around Jessica Atreides, Paul's mother. I've read a number of the books in Frank's Herberts series now and a few of his son Brian's prequels and found her to be a very interesting character. The story of her conception has a very Game of Thrones type story behind it. Then her training on Wallach-9 as a bene gesserit "witch" could be really cool, and then her perspective on events leading to the massacre of House Atreides on Dune and afterwards...are really interesting.  There is just so much a series could do and I wanted to point that out to a few TV producers on Twitter.  It really isn't how you do business. REALLY isn't.  But I wasn't asking for credit or trying to be involved in the creation of the series either.  I was just giving producers that I thought could do a good job with it a heads-up.  Could be freaking cool.   Doing anything on Twitter however, with their 140 character limit, is headache if not impossible.  My presentation was pretty concise (or I thought it was) so I went for it.  It took me a good three hours to disassemble my concise paragraph into tweets that were intelligible and interesting in their own right.  I didn't intend this as commentary on that though, I'm writing this because at some point Twitter started listing analytics on my page.  It gave me a tally of how many "impressions" my posts on that day had attracted. At some point it was over two-thousand but a minute later it was half that, a little over a thousand.  I'm not sure how you can lose "impressions" but somehow I did.  Mystified and suddenly curious, I started to really look at the number they attributed to me--doing the math mentally.  And then I clicked on their "promote" button.  I had no idea what it did or would allow me to do, and found that it was how you advertise a tweet.  Suddenly I felt kinda dumb...of course it does! Gotta make cash somehow. :D    This isn't about my seemingly "perma-noob" social media status however this about my impression of the number gave me on that link.  That particular link had supposedly garnered 200 or so impressions and so when I clicked on the $100 level it gave me an estimate of 66 links (or clicks) don't remember exactly how they phrased it. What did strike me though was the dollar/click ratio (click guesstimate).   It really seemed underwhelming to me.  Yeah, it takes money to make money but at that rate if I had lets say a million dollar ad budget and spent it all on twitter I'd end up generating a fraction of that in revenue.  Especially given the extraordinary amount of different product on offer there.    I could be completely wrong...with a million bucks...I might get enough attention to make some sales...but I don't have a million dollars.  By budget is much, much smaller and given the numbers they gave I can't imagine spending even a hundred bucks on there.    I'm not posting this to embarrass Twitter, I'm posting this because I heard they had some kind of problem generating money or getting new accounts or something and it seems to me that if they really wanted to generate more money they would be wise to make an investment in advertising on their site more worthwhile. #value   #matters  #to #most #potential   #customers  

Or at least it matters to me.  
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